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The Power of Suffering (Part II)

From when I was a child I have hated this world because it has shunned the magical... I imagine I am far from alone in this. We in the west have forgotten who we are; buried in our own smug materialism that isn’t even true. Hardly anyone believes in strict materialism yet it’s the policy of the land and people become viscerally angry when it isn’t adhered to. We call this cognitive dissonance, advanced and civilized while we destroy our world out of cannibalistic greed and a seeming obsession to stamp out the fantastic, the natural, the beautiful; the magic of the world.

Meanwhile, we go about blaming others for what we do when it is we who are doing wrong. It is like the symptoms of an illness that affects us; affects our minds.

People are trapped here in forms causal. They mistake the causal mind, ever in flux, for who they are. This is the ego. The false self. This is why the world is as it is. This is why I am having the experiences I am having. The first step in the recovery of your soul, to couch it in Jungian terms, is to seek it.

We have the very world we create and we are miserable in it and yet we will not give it up for something better. It’s almost pathological our love-hate relationship we have with it. Are we all diseased? Are we all possessed by the demon of imperialistic gains and desperately in need of an exorcism?

We raise our children in literature and media seeping with magic and wonder, practically begging them to believe in magic but then we mock them for doing it. It’s like part of us knows and desperately wants to return to the magical and yet another part of us is viscerally horrified and in denial of it.

Academia seems particularly obsessed with going out of its way to invent fantastic and completely unsubstantiated explanations when even the smallest kernel of the magical starts seeping in, yet creates ideas and theories which are magical in every way but name. Archeology seems utterly fascinated by it, yet goes out of its way to demean and deny it.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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