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The Power Of Imagination

The Spiritual world is indeed a large place; it has many dimensions and levels within it, some of which are incomprehensible to the human mind. So then how does one interpret all the magickal energies that appear during trances, deep meditations, or astral projections? The answer is in using the great power that exists inside all of us, the Imagination.

Eliphas Levi once said” Imagination is actually as the eye of the soul, and it is therein that forms are delineated and preserved; by its means, we behold the reflections of the invisible world. It is the mirror of vision and the apparatus of magical life…for the sage, to imagine is to see, as for the magician to speak, is to create.”

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have access too, for any area especially magick. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “The Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He was very right. In Black Magick the power of the imagination allows us to interpret energies, access our higher mystical abilities, and with it, we can make our spells more effective. Think about it for a second, what spell seems more powerful? Ones where you are merely chanting words? Or ones where you are using your imagination and living your spell, experiencing, and breathing every second of it?

When casting spells, if you want them to be effective, it is essential that you use your imagination and completely throw your being into that spell. In all spells, you need to be able to visualize your outcome and what you wish to attain from casting that spell. The imagination is the device that is used for this.

Imagination is the gateway in which we can communicate to our higher selves and access our higher world. It is an ability that needs to be developed for anyone who is serious about magick. The imagination also allows your mind to go beyond what is already knows and access new thoughts and ideas, some of which are even unknown to society.

In Black magick, we believe that we create our own reality and everything in it. Using the power of the imagination helps one to craft that reality and can become the conduit for manifesting that reality into one’s life.

The Imagination is used when one engages astral travel or visits their higher world. It is that part of your brain which is used to generate pictures and create images using that energy that comes to you. Without imagination, magick would be a hard task to attain indeed.

Aside from all that, the imagination is a skill like any other that needs to be cultivated in order for it to grow and improve. As children, we seem to have a better imagination than we do as adults. That is because the concept of the imagination is usually shunned by society as we are taught as we grow up, to abandon our fantasies and desires.

In the first stage of the imagination, it can be used as an escape from the real world. But with practice, one can train their imagination to become powerful and an extension of one’s own magick and energies. The imagination can become so powerful that if you imagine someone touching you, you will feel it. If you imagine an object in front of you, you will see. Energy is all around us and the imagination can harness that energy and create things out of it. This with training will allow you to create your own reality and everything in it.

People are afraid of power. This is one reason why in society, magick, the imagination, and the spiritual world are feared. People fear their own power and they fear other people’s power. This fear is irrational and keeps you from attaining your true power. Do not fear what you have inside of you, embrace it. Let your imagination go and see the wonderful, creative ideas that you can dream up.

Every great accomplishment in society started with a thought, a simple dream, the use of the imagination. Do not take this skill as a simple device used to entrance children. It is a great tool especially in the realm of black magick and spell casting.

Imagination helps us to grow and expand our understanding of the world. It can also relieve stress by allowing us a place of refuge. With a trained imagination, your dreams become more vivid, and the hidden messages that once eluded you can be uncovered.

Don’t doubt your own power or the power that is locked away in your mind. A mind is a powerful tool that should be embraced, not wasted.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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