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The Power of Association

Indeed the power of association plays a big part in our lives. We are so greatly influenced by that which we surround ourselves with, be it our friends, activities, information, or simply the unnecessary clutter in a room. All of these influence our lives in some form or another which is why just as careful as we are with choosing which information progresses our being and which is detrimental, so must we with that which we associate ourselves with on a day-to-day basis. Gradually or quickly we will build a universe around us in which everything is useful to us and serves its purpose. A blissful idea? Imagine… such control that would even make ourselves blush.

A metaphor of the sun with planets moving around us. We are the sun and all those planets are the people, events, and objects that make up our life. We came into the world alone, and we will leave this world alone. We inherit useless baggage at birth, then as adults, we have the choice to eliminate the baggage and collect only that which enables us to grow... Alas, by the time the individual has reached adulthood they have given up the choice to grow, instead they become enslaved to external masters, they continue to accumulate useless baggage until they die, their potentiality remaining unexpressed. The idea of ultimate purpose or goal is a major idea in ancient Greek philosophy known as teleology.

Every defining aspect of yourself or myself are the qualities that we have chosen and gained from our experiences on Earth. Each one serves a purpose. Like weeding a garden, I believe that we as the masters of ourselves and thus the multiple universes become aware of what is “in our garden” and there-in lies the technique to separating the progressive/beneficial from the otherwise detrimental.

Fear is the gate that seals most humans off from their own potential. Fear is nothing more than an inhibitor in my eyes. Like a wall that they built in front of themselves to shield their delicate eyes from such horror. All the while they do not notice that when left unattended and ignored, it continues towering over them, by the time they realize it, it is already unbreakable.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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