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The Physical Self (V)

So let’s now deal with all of our Physical selves. There are those who you are at present, and then there are your Past Lives. These comprise all your physical selves never omitting the possibility that depending on the nature of the Universe you are in, you could also be an energy self. This though is your vessel, the vessel that you command and take control of to live various lives and experience different things. You can literally be anything as there is an infinite amount of universes and inner spiritual worlds and dimensions that go well beyond the infinite expanse.

Our past lives and this life are all part of the journey of the Universal Self that is exploring and having various experiences here in this realm. Our core selves are suppressed and we are limited in our abilities here compared to how we are back in the Outer spiritual world, though there is one skill that we retain which is a reminder of our higher self/core self and how much power we have. That is our journey in the astral realms and that of our astral self.

Past lives, living in different dimensions, different celestial planes, different planets, different places, all that is within the inner spiritual world are those places where we can have physical bodies. These bodies can also be energetic or a different type of physical body that is not the human form. Some can shift and live life in the astral planes as an astral-etheric physical form, but we are all entities of the universe, the inner spiritual world and we are all beings who we have been derived from the soul. These all constitute a part of your whole.

With each life, you gain new experiences and wisdom thus you change and evolve. Within the inner spiritual world we can sign up to be anything, so we have a huge portfolio of beings that we have been and families that we have had, and ancestors who have walked with us. Every one of whom we are in the inner spiritual world remains with us and becomes a part of us and our whole.

Some of the family and beings that you meet or that appear in past life readings will be connected to different inner spiritual worlds selves of yourself. Ancestors pertaining to other planets and places where you have had a life, a family, and then died to constitute different past lives. Your dying generates a past life as your true form self is immortal and eternal. Places where you have been and families that you have had will come through. We are incredibly layered and complex beings.

This is also why so many readings that are done appear different. No one reading can actually capture the entirety of who we are and many different readers will read from different layers of our soul. They will see different things and pick up what it is that we need to hear at that point in time. It is amazing the complexity and layers of our being. The Physical self is essentially the form we inhabit to reside here; that same form that will experience the different scenarios that we have chosen.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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