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The Path

The Devil is in the Tarot Card number 13 representing Man bound to the Material world, the world of form. So, tell me, my brothers and sisters?

Are we doomed? Cursed? do we bear the mark of Cain? We are, after all, awakened Gnostics, well aware of the cross we have to carry, through heaven, earth, and hell: To truly see the world as it is, as the awakened Zen student, but worse still: The Luciferian is forever out of his comfort zone in dealing with this earth.

Heaven and hell, yes, BUT earth and the ordinaries and the stale archetypes of frigid gods that carry so much baggage imposed by the robotic pattern of the collective consciousness: Hell NO!!

So what do We seek? To become a God, like the Satanist? Yes. Find God and Jesus like the Christian. Yes. Find true Enlightenment, like the Zen Buddhist? Yes. So how can We achieve this?

Light … in a spiritual sense, is the fire from the gods which as we being the sparks of god, rightfully reclaim as ours.

Darkness … in perfect balance is a light of its own. In no duality and in complete darkness, the same mystery can be attained, as a spiritual one; darkness to emanates its own light.

Between the polar opposites of Good and Evil lies Emptiness, the Emptiness one finds in Zen, one of cleansed purity of essence, free from labels, thought, attachment, taint, and so forth. It is what it is. The consecrated fire of the gods shines thereunto.

There is no Sacrifice, no Pact, no Covenant, no Contract, save that oath you silently would undertake once you decide to let your old self die, and take on the form of the light or the dark in the search of becoming that fire which you will rightfully claim as yours and thus become a star in the center of the Universe.

Maybe I will see you at the Crossroads, Are you ready?

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
Nov 25, 2020

Thought provoking... excellent. Thank you Brother

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