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The Occult Teacher

The secret to fighting tyranny is a well ego'ed populous. Democracy is the formation of an image of ego for the people to place their own power onto. It's basically a voodoo doll we all place a lock of our own hair onto and throw into the fire. Please send your locks of love to me instead. Weak ego the new imaginary man watching you …You better watch out…

As I delve further into the teachings of the East, I realize how truly impoverished not only the Western Esoteric Tradition is, but also the Western methodological mind. Reason is a wonderful thing. Without it, we would cease to be human. But we mistake its function. It is wonderfully powerful, but it cannot give us reality. No more than science has the ability to deliver truth. Only do we have ever more complex models.

My body is vibrating. That is why I'm so happy to have stolen the fire from the gods again to return it to the people. One thing which has to come hand-in-hand with transparency is self-sovereignty - if the story is about me then I own that story. If I decide not to share [something] then it is out of bounds for everyone else. I always get a little concerned with the cries for transparency when they usually turn into outing others without consent. If I choose to be "closeted" on an issue, any issue, then that should be my right, no?

Conversely, if I decide to be open about [something] then it is also my right. The balance, though, for those with alternative (magical) lifestyles, is that transparency has a whole bunch of unintended consequences (not all bad), while secrecy doesn't. In the end, in the very long run, the truth will out, but I got to respect those who are not in a hurry.

Without sharing, one cannot learn about magic (with and without ending -k). I's not like we're in some fairy tale and you're born an "F-ing " Wizard, jolting lightning and fireballs out there from the tips of your fingers... And even if we were, there's also the Mages, who depend on reading scrolls and studying tomes and whatnot.

The point is...magic, for most of us, is something to be learned, more than simply awakened from our inner aether or whatever alike. And in order to learn, we need sources. And if nobody shares their experiences, at least in an anonymous/pseudonymous way, how in the name of the nine hells are we supposed to know - even if a few options of - how to connect with the other dimensions/entities/powers/gods/etc, after all?

I'm pro sharing, with due preservation of identity, confidentiality, and ethical concerns in general. Sharing is caring. So I am seeing that my old mentors were right. The spirits themselves are the teachers, the initiators. I am thankful to them and for all the experiences in my life which have led me here, closer than I've ever been to the Truth.

LVX -Patrick Gaffiero


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