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The Occult Light

Sometimes as darkness falls the spike of death hits my heart, it only lasts about ten seconds then it goes away.

I don't swim in the pitiful comforts of dogmatic religion to comfort the fears of the unknown, but I do indulge in the doors that the Occult light is opening in me of the eternal and infinite.

Illogically consuming logical concepts, self-delusional confirmation bias, irrationally rationalizing biased conclusions, omniscient ignorance, and the shrunken omnipotent eternally expanded processes of the empirical theologian. Inferred facts, obvious assumptive truisms...To make it simple? Everyone is right...

Evil does not exist, only certain circumstances brought upon an individual at a set time that requires specific actions be them hasty or pre-meditated. How we perceive these actions are based on the established moral ethics of our set society.

The Ignorance of the mass creates the stigma, bigots bash bigots for being bigots, and the endless cycle of stupidity fuels the destruction of truth and mind. People are mocked for grasping any type of reality and get praised for the bandwagons socially accepted moral emotions of irrational pre-chewed dogmatic zealot comfort-seeking weak magnet of fools.

The labeled evil in most cases representing ancient purity becomes the victim of the "good vs evil" paradox of deceptive extortion...the victim? All of us; and the hero? The hero is the one we all fear, our inner soul, truth, reason, and the critical analysis of the accepted.

Opening doors of the natural, the truth, and purity will not bring welcome. What is better than knowledge, understanding, and wisdom? To seek you must remove emotion and bias reflex.

I lay in silence lost in thought against the grain of all I’ve been taught. Closing doors to senseless preaching from brainwashed drones set on substandard teaching. Opening my mind to endless possibilities and weaving strands of a different dimension into this cloak of limited reality.

Just as a pebble’s last breath is heard when it hits the water’s surface inside a deep dark well, others escape demise and continue falling far beyond the depths of hell. My mind, and yours if I may say, work, function, and think in a very mysterious way.

Surrounding this central core of infinite intelligence, we are attached to each other invisibly. A mental well of brainwaves, connecting us indefinitely. Billions of mental wells on the outside of one huge unbelievable sphere of knowledge. As one drops an idea, thought to be forgotten, it surfaces at another’s well out of the blue. Maybe from me, or maybe from you, to him, her, or who knows who.

Some individuals are just more in tune with diving in, while others are content floating on the surface, but it’s just my little mind’s way of how I see all this. Imagination, creativity, levels of intelligence, and reality, belief, or non-belief of possibility.

I love to dive and enjoy swimming deep within the core beyond all that is seen on this shallow surface of the skin, in what we consider to be our only reality.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski
May 22, 2020

"Billions of mental wells on the outside of one huge unbelievable sphere of knowledge."

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