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The Magickal Art of Seduction

I have been discussing magickal techniques, one of the things I have come up with is that magick is often about relationships. Let’s take the example of calling rain.

I would compare calling rain to a seduction; you call the rain to you as you would a lover. We speak to the rain spirit, dance for, and love the spirit. And the rain comes. Do not run from the rain, and do not use an umbrella or put on any protection from the rain. To do so would be like spurning a lover. You have to love the rain when it comes.

Seduction or no, the elements with which I work best are the ones with which I have a personal relationship. A fire spirit I conjured some time ago has been a major help in the spell sense. He has been my guide to the plane of fire and helped me in writing invocations to fire.

One powerful path to magick is to have a strong relationship with the spirits. Maybe the Christians are on the right track with the concept of a personal relationship with Jesus. (I am not sure they understand what they are saying, but the idea is solid.) If you speak with your spirits and honor them, the next time you call on them for aid in magick, protection, advice, whatever, your magick will be much stronger.

So I want to seduce you. No really, I do. In the strictest, sexiest Latin root sense of the word, I want to se-duce you (away-take) you. I consider myself well versed in the art of seduction, of taking people away from the current state, toward a more enlightened, well blessed, and prosperous place.

Maybe you’re a seductress/seducer, too. Maybe you want to learn the art or perfect your technique.

Here’s what I know about seduction: It’s the realm of the gods, the living space of the divine. Seduction, the art of leading people from where they are to where they’d like to be, is both power and privilege. It’s part intuition and part education. We all want to be seduced on some level. Modern society is so rooted in norms, conventions, and rules that a little piece of us longs for this transportation.

You can seduce a lover in the bedroom, but seduction isn’t just about carnal desires. The seducer/seductress is a guide, a confidant, a trusted advisor. They are a seer of the past, present, and future – of what is and what could be. They are the poised leader and deep mystic, all in one package. They have a little of what you desire to be, and they never reveal all their secrets. They are mysterious and yet available. They in-spire you – literally breathe air and life into you. They are the Muse, the breeze, the water, the fire that burns within you. They are the Earth under your feet, connected to all of the elements and to the Spirits.

Enjoy the journey. Let your life be the seduction.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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