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The Left-Hand Path

The Path Of The Left hand is often defined as, "the way down", the spiritual journey of introversion, the path to find the power and knowledge which resides deep down inside of us. It is also a journey into darkness, the desire to contact the dark forces, which according to tradition, are intimately connected via ancient cults to nature, also known as lunar currents.

The desire for contact with the creative and primordial forces of the universe has been preserved for centuries. The end path of the left hand exists not only in western occult but also in Hindu Tantrism, where Vama-Chara or Vama Marg ("path of the left hand") is a direct path to divinity, considered to be much more powerful than Dakashina-Chara ("path of the right hand").

There is a significant difference between the two tantric trails, the right hand and the left hand (where both are under the power of Shiva). In the first case, the adept always experience "someone above him", even at the high levels of realization. In the end, “he becomes the last sovereign” (Chakravartin = the one who rules the world).

The philosophy of the left-hand path also exists in other traditions. In the Cabal, it is the path of the Qliphoth - the one that is connected to the principles of the Tree Of Life. In Norse tradition it is the Seid - the magical art of trance to achieve the liberation of the soul. In voodoo tradition, some elements of the left-hand path have survived, especially in the petro rituals also called red sects (Cabrit Thomazos). It is similar in the case of Hinduism where these groups are known as Aghoras.

All these traditions contain a process that leads us to immortality and divinity through the reaffirmation of primordial energies in complete harmony with the idea of darkness, female lunar currents, and re-creation of consciousness with the Universe.

At the same time, it is the development of an individual creating a powerful consciousness that transcends that same consciousness of all living creatures.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
Jun 01, 2021

Thank you Mage 😊

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