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The Keeper of Souls

The soul can't be described; it has to be experienced. Some Witches collect the souls of the spirits summoned. We crave the essence of all that life has to offer, from other people to spirits and entities. Witches go beyond being empathetic, by using the souls connected with and collected, in their magick.

Practicing safe soul collecting requires soul retrieval, great boundaries, appropriate shielding, calling back our own power, training ourselves to identify our soul allies, and responsible collection methods. Don’t drain others dry. Take what you need, leave the rest. Do an inventory of your relationships and spiritual possessions. What speaks truth to you? What is simply filling the void? What are you naturally drawn to? Practice ethical extraction. View souls as infinite sources from which you borrow unless it’s necessary to fully trap one. Claiming your soul collecting power is a process.

We can lose parts of ourselves, either willingly or unwittingly, to toxic entities and humans. That’s why soul retrieval is such an important component of the Witches’ Journey. Our experience of trauma heightens our own soul collecting abilities as well. We need to retrieve our missing pieces and then practice safe soul collecting.

Perhaps it is through these painful experiences that our soul collecting abilities are unleashed. It’s up to us to hone our talent, to use it for our own benefit and that of the souls we collect. It’s vital that our souls be true or else we run the risk of collecting toxic ones and becoming toxic ourselves. The soul has a shadow, too.

So progression takes you from a collector of souls to utilizing your soul as the vehicle by which you perform magick, using the technique above to replenish your own life force.

I have come to believe that the lines between the soul and the aura are blurred. For the purpose of this lesson. I will use the term soul, so when I refer to a "soul" assume I mean both your aura and your actual soul. I see these lines as blurred because I believe your aura is produced by the wavelength of your soul. I also believe that the wavelength of your soul is determined by your mood, magical ability, and experience. I see souls of different sizes, smaller ones are not connected to the earth and have little knowledge of the craft. Larger ones are experienced and wise, also having a deep connection to, not just the earth, but the entire universe.

Referencing back to the wavelength of the soul, wavelengths are frequencies and vibrations. I believe that science and magic are one and the same, we just give them arbitrary names to distinguish between them. Words have extraordinary power when we give them meaning The entire universe vibrates at very different wavelengths and it responds in kind to the wavelength we produce. Our spells, songs, chants, potions, rituals, and so on are us emitting our vibrations into the Universe to get a response back. This is what I have come to believe. Nowadays I cast my spells differently, I don't utter a word, I just connect with my soul.

How? I take a moment and go into a meditative state. I visualize what I want in my mind and I construct how I will get it. It helps if you have a high level of understanding of what you want, how it works, and how you might get it. Next, I visualize myself, my soul, which by now has completely surrounded me like a sphere, just big enough for me to spread out completely in this perfect orb. I visualize my soul and I see the aura it produces, a kind of mist but more cohesive and one that doesn't disperse.

The Manifestation part does not change, the difference is that you are now that same Science and Art, causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. You are now the originator, creator, and full filler of that same magick. Of course, all magick comes with a warning to the Self, the deeper you go the higher the price. Tread most carefully, you will not only lose your mind, but you will end up losing your soul.

We are indeed entering a new era. As we understand more and more that our current lifestyles controlled by the need for money are erroneous and detrimental to all life, we will once more come back to nature, magick, and all that what was our fundamental identity as true human beings, co-creators of paradise on earth.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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