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The Higher Self (III)

There will come times that we shall have the desire to try on new Skins, and that is where our lives all come in. We desire to come to these planes, the inner spiritual worlds, and the universes where things are fluid and change and we can take on multiple forms and identities. We can change and shift and live the lives that we live. There are many reasons why we would desire to come here. We want to experience and try new things.

When one decides they wish to enter a reincarnation cycle and inhabit a body they usually pick a series of obstacles and challenges that they wish to try out and overcome.

There is an infinite amount of things that one can experience and uncover and it can be overwhelming at first for the beings. Many often take on too much or sign up for so many challenges that their lives can seem horrific. Anything that they desire, they can sign up too, experience and they all have their different reasons for why they do so. The journey of the higher self is one that could be deemed incredible.

The True Self sheds its power and prepares to embark on a journey through a foreign land in a disempowered state. There are many inner spiritual worlds and universes, and each one offers its own unique challenges and experiences. They usually choose one or a few that they wish to experience.

Once they have chosen the place they wish to go to and the experiences they wish to try they enter into a state where the Outer Spiritual world self is technically asleep and assumes the role of the higher self. The higher self is our divine essence at a vibration level that we can interact with. It watches over us and experiences what we experience and can assist and guide us.

The higher self in a way is a shade of our true form self, a Shadow, if you may, but at the same time, it is not.

Some say that the lives we live are the dreams of the soul, this theory holds true as technically we are asleep, and we are experiencing and living alternate lives. Our true self, shifts into a higher self, where it acts as a guide and confidant to the lower forms. The higher self if you will, is the puppet master and from there on the puppets are formed.

This form is very high energy based albeit there are remnants of the solid self in the outer spiritual world, though it is very etheric in nature.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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