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The Hex of the Black Skull

I feel the time has come to explain a bit more in detail what magic is so you can see the relation between magic and the power of words.

The term magic is derived from Old French magique, Latin magicus, and Greek magikos. One of the earliest definitions of magic is the “art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces”.

The Universe has many natural forces. Some of these forces are the “engines” that control the behavior of sound, light, vibration, and frequency. When you learn to use these forces to control energy, you can control how energy manifests itself in physical things to a significant degree. This is the art of magic or magick.

One way to tap into the magic power of words is to use the force of thought combined with sound and sacred geometry. Sound plays a really important role in directing energy to create sacred geometries. These sacred geometric patterns are some of the building blocks of matter, which is why they can be found near the core of all material objects, even as far down as to the level of atoms. The evidence proving that sound has the power to create sacred geometry can be seen in cymatics.

A written word without sound is not that powerful. However, when you add sound to it using your voice, the word vibrates with more energy and therefore becomes “alive”, allowing it to do magical things. Because a spoken word has sound and sound can create sacred geometry, the right combination of spoken words can cast magic spells and control the flow of energy. Combine spoken words with the power of thought and emotion and certain natural elements (e.g., fire and water) and you have a very powerful tool to use for creating magic.

Hex spells are part of my darker aversive magic spell collection and may not be for everyone. For those times you need some serious magickal power, these spells can get the job done. Not to be taken lightly.

Here is a little bit of aversive magick to put a serious curse on someone. Make sure you read the note about using a skull.

• A small animal skull

• Black pepper

• Rue

• Nettle

• Black candle

• A pin with a blackhead

Heed this warning, that you must find the skull naturally, as in coming across a deceased animal. By no means should you harm any living creature for this spell. Just because it is aversive magick doesn't mean that it’s appropriate. It has to be from an animal that has passed without your influence. It may be a difficult thing to acquire, which is one reason why it's a powerful talisman.

Add several pinches of rue and nettle to the inside of the skull, along with a generous sprinkling of black pepper. Light the candle, and let the wax drip into the skull, covering over the herbs and pepper. It needs to be sealed in place with wax. As you watch the candle burn and the wax drip, say the following:

In the darkness, the spell's begun

With this skull, my will is done.

Pepper, wax, nettle, rue

May disaster come to you.

As you say the words, visualize the person you are hexing. Let it cool and harden, then turn the skull right-side up. Repeat the words again as you stick the pin through one of the eye holes, and embed the point in the wax inside.

Leave the hex spell charm on your altar space until midnight, and then smash it with a hammer. Brush the bits together in a pile, and let it remain until you know your hex has taken effect.

Please note with all darker spells the following applies “None can use black magic without straining the soul to the uttermost—and staining it into the bargain”

ii-wy em hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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