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The First Layer: The Core Self (II)

The Core Self is the energy that you are derived from, those energies that compile you, the alignment of divinity that you are connected to. It does not change, it is what it is and most people have vast relations and connections within their realms in the Outer Spiritual world. There are many different areas that one can arise from, and an infinite amount of beings that one can be.

The outer spiritual world is comprised of God Form Beings who have their own form. They keep that form binding and growing as time goes on. As well as fluid beings that enter into a strange reincarnation cycle within the outer spiritual world as their true form self, there is energy with no defined form so it reincarnates forever changing. Soul clusters as they are called, are beings that have no form, who are born then they die, though they never really die.

The Outer Spiritual World is one that is massive. The rule of thumb is if you think you understand the Outer Spiritual World, you don’t understand the Outer Spiritual World. This is what Richard Feynman said about Quantum Mechanics, it holds true with the Outer Spiritual World too.

Within the Outer Spiritual World, the Core Self often has various forms that it can take. The Abyssal Demons have a Sea Dragon form, and the Noble Demons have a darker demon form they can manifest. Energies shift and in the Outer Spiritual world, we usually have energies that we can shift to and various forms we can take that are true to ourselves. We cannot really take any form we desire, but we take forms that are true to ourselves.

In the Outer Spiritual world, there is an essence of honoring and being true to oneself, and when you understand and love yourself you really do honor the essence of your truth. All species in the outer spiritual realm are truly amazing. They all bring to the table their own unique talents and specialties. Beings from that group really take pride in who they are.

The Core Self is interesting as it is like a physical form, but a solid one, a form that is true, it is physical and energetic at the same time. They have bodies and many functions of bodies, but they are also energetic and etheric. The outer spiritual world exists in many more dimensions then we have here so the complexities of the realms are beyond what our minds can imagine.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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