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The Fifth Dimension

The time is upon us to raise our frequency, some are already on that path! You are already beginning to transcend time and the lower frequencies. Frequency=Consciousness=Higher Mind. This is why you came to this planet, to experience this transcendence. To participate in this experiment. To be a receiver and transmitter of higher frequency communications during this great transition of lower to higher consciousness. It is more of a journey than a destination and you are already on this journey.

It is said that ancient prophesies and ascension teachings all speak of a great shift. A shift that our planet, in fact, our entire galaxy, is currently undergoing. Some say this shift will probably be complete within the next several decades. Others give no date. But all seem to agree that it will be complete sometime in the near future. Individuals will be each moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own pace when their frequency is high enough to match the vibration of the higher dimension.

So how can it happen so quickly? How can this world turn around from where it is today and become this Utopian fairy tale kind of world? There is still so much darkness on the planet—wars, hatred, prejudice, and injustice. We are also facing countless seemingly unsolvable crises: global warming, overpopulation, polluted rain forests, rising unemployment, global food shortages and starvation, poisoned oceans, severe climate change, and now Corona Virus.

All souls have the choice to enter the Fifth Dimension, given they have assimilated sufficient light to hold the energy levels that exist in that higher vibration. But many will be choosing to leave the Earth within several decades to move on to other third dimensional experiences in other parts of the universe. They will not have finished with what third-dimensional reality has still to teach them.

The Earth and all beings living on this planet are shifting into a whole new level of reality which a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion, and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been referred to as the Fifth Dimension.

It’s the place where people go when they disappear from everyday life, leaving their belongings still arranged on the bed as if they’d only taken a short visit into the garden. Ghosts emerge from here to break glasses and haunt us out of vengeance or out of pleasure. Perhaps both. It’s heaven and it’s hell. It’s what allows for Alice’s strange adventure down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. In the early 1900s, the fifth dimension was a great deal of many things to pastors, artists, and writers. But as mystical as they can be, higher dimensions hold a persistent place in the world of science because they are as possible as they are fantastical.

According to Einstein’s general relativity, we are beings of four dimensions: three spatial dimensions and one dimension of time. By adding the fourth dimension, space and time could merge into a single fabric, allowing all their related measurements to merge just as beautifully.

Until we can access those small, folded realities, they continue to exist in our works of art. Magicians claim to manipulate objects from the fifth dimension and, in literature, children enter a wardrobe to find themselves in an entirely new world. Picasso folds all of space and time into his odd cubist pieces while ghosts travel amongst their dimension and ours. Hyperspace, until proven wrong, can continue to be many things for many different people. To scientists, it provides a way to explain our world as simpler — and more unified.

I am not fighting my transmutation anymore, but now I'm on a quest of looking for answers. The golden chalice lies right there, in front of our very own eyes, within grasp. Welcome to your new state of being, welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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