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The Energy of the Seven Voodoo Pins

Red: Power

Black: Repelling negative energy

White: Positive

Blue: Love

Green: Money

Yellow: Success

Purple: Spirituality

Once you have familiarized yourself with the energies associated with each colored pin, you then concentrate on each pin individually.

Clear your mind and meditate while holding the pin you will be using, visualize the energy exuding from the pin working to manifest what you desire.

When you are absolutely clear about your intention, stick the pin firmly into the heart, or the stomach of your doll. This is symbolic of your heart’s desire and your gut instinct (intuition). To absorb and channel knowledge, stick the pin into the head of the doll.

You may use each pin in this way.

Be patient and give the Universe time to manifest that which you desire.

For those genuinely interested in Voodoo magick, there are exercises that enhance magickal abilities. To those sorcerers wishing to create mayhem with their magick, the tenfold law applies in Voodoo, just as the threefold law does in Witchcraft. Whatever you send out to the Universe, be it good, or bad, will come back to you tenfold when working within the law of Voodoo.

Wise practitioners of magick, understand and honor the Universal law of magick, and practice within the guidelines that have been set down. Voodoo must be practiced with caution. Most Voodoo knowledge and tradition is passed down orally and shared from generation to generation.

Voodoo Ritual Legba

One of the many Voodoo rituals that are favored, calls upon Legba. Legba is referred to as: “God of the crossroads, singer, warrior, jester, guardian of the door to the world of spirits.” He usually presents himself as a crippled old man, or as a vulnerable child. As Legba is a shapeshifter he is often likened to the trickster god and shapeshifter, the meddlesome Loki. Like Loki, he can be mischievous and playful, or malevolent and dangerous. He has also done the unthinkable and revealed stolen Divine Secrets to human beings, who under no circumstances should have been given this potent information.

As the youngest son of Lisa the Sun god, bringer of heat, strength, and energy, and Mawu the Moon goddess, the provider of night cool, fertility, rain and peace, Legba encompasses these attributes as the god of fate. He has the choice to bestow cataclysmic disaster and overwhelming sorrow or luck, benign energy, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune.

Ceremonies begin with the summoning of Legba, thus opening the doorway to other gods, as he is the guardian at the crossroads to the door of the world of spirits. His task is to translate the supernatural into human language. The ritual takes place next to the holy center of the Voodoo temple, this being a column decorated with consecrated signs. This center becomes the channel through which the spirits communicate.

Legba is the guardian of the bridge connecting the world of the dead with the world of the living. With the consent of Legba, ancestors can return from the dead, to seek revenge if they feel they have been ill-treated, or to protect their families.

Before a ceremony can begin, Legba’s ve’ve’ is drawn on the ground. The invocation is as such:

Atibon Legba open the gate for me

Papa Legba open the gate for me

Open the gate that I can enter

God Legba open the gate for me

When I return I will thank the Loa


As part of the ceremony the Voodoo priest approaches the door several times, as a symbolic gesture, this is done until the moment Legba takes possession of one of the people attending the ceremony. The one possessed takes on the appearance of an old crippled man. For a time it is as though the person possessed is actually crippled. This is a showcase of Legba’s power over others, despite his seeming fragility. Once Legba has presented himself in this manner, the other gods may be summoned.

The altar prepared and placed on the ground for Legba’s manifestation, is in a box on the ground, or a small room, or closet near the entrance of the home. The appropriate greeting for Legba is, “Ago Ellegua.”

Legba is called upon when the seeker needs advice and guidance. The god will then lead the seeker to the correct path and open the way for him. Legba has the power to influence people’s lives, and alter their life situations; he can create dramatic, life-altering and beneficial changes. The recipient of Legba’s benign magick will be left with no doubt that the god had bestowed his gifts upon him.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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