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The Divine Luciferian - Part III

An important facet of Luciferian philosophy is the building of one’s utopia. Many when they think of the term utopia envision everyone getting along in a perfect world of utter bliss. When Luciferians talk about utopia, they mean personal utopia and not someone else’s interpretation of a perfect world. You will find that most Luciferians are less clingy to dogma and mythology. Those with experience from esoteric systems know exactly how difficult occult practice is, even when the system is dogmatic. Transcending the limitations of myth and dogma, the path is particularly challenging. Usually in a dogmatic system what happens is that someone throws a toolbox in your head with limited instructions.

In Luciferianism, you start by constructing that same universe that the toolbox will consist of. Slightly more challenging. I define a Luciferian as one who is inspired by genius, who is his own light, as well as (potentially) a light to others. Various general subjects and concepts play a role in the human psyche. Therefore general attitudes need to be investigated. An attitude to a general concept or idea becomes very personal in the human mind and soul because all human beings encounter personal experiences in their lives. Take all general ideas, concepts, and principles such as love, Eros, and sex or authority; think of money, work, various emotions, human relationships. Find out what is your attitude towards all of this. Then question yourself about your life.

Science tells us that life is light and consciousness. So how does this correspond to what we are saying here? Intelligence and light? Only it is much more than that. Intelligence and light are only two details. The life force is everything that exists. Everything good. And everything negative or detrimental is static life force: divine truth or divine law that has not been adhered to. Lucifer to me is the symbol of the awakening of the restoration of the lost powers of the divine nature of man, the heroic sacrificial figure, the true Christ, the liberator, the one that rebels against this material prison, this hell of illusions that we call Reality.

The spiritual rebirth can only occur after you are completely conscious of everything that was behind “that wall” you created. Then the regenerating forces of nature can begin to work. But try to realize what it means to be completely conscious. It includes applying the findings at all times to one’s reactions, and that is certainly not so easy. Realistically we’re not animals. We don’t have claws, we don’t function in nature very well without clothes, tools, and using our ingenuity. We have to gather in societies to survive, as we exist in a harsh, unforgiving and hostile environment but we conform to animalistic nature.

Realistically we’re not gods. We – most of us, cannot teleport objects or do time-travel or bring the plagues of Egypt onto our neighbor. Yet we have divine attributes, a sense of beauty and compassion, spiritual oneness, and connection to even our animal nature. And we can do wonders with Magick and rituals (even if you don’t believe it, magick works). Realistically, if we’re not animals and not gods, what are we? We. Are. Sleeping. But who am I to say what is what?

The time must come. I do not say that it has to come in this life for all of you. There are those for whom this is possible, but eventually, it must come for everyone. Until that point is reached, you go on and on incarnating. But you can reach quite a distance in this life—and thus you speed up all succeeding lives because your psyche becomes impregnated with the process of self-search. It becomes second nature and will remain in the soul so that the entity will benefit from this habit in future incarnations.

How much you can absorb depends entirely on your own state of mind. Bitterness, anger, self-pity, all of these block your life force. Bearing this in mind open your doors to your own divinity. The moment the individual decides to wake up is where you become your own savior when you steal fire from the gods and become your own True Christ.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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