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The Divine Luciferian - Part II

I find it to be common practice in using my own knowledge to help others on their path. I will always do my best to illumine their souls and help guide them to the light. This practice is not limited to other practitioners of my path alone, I do try to guide people outside of my belief system even as much as trying to guide others to the goals of their respective beliefs. After all, it is said that all roads lead to Rome.

I find self-fulfillment in helping others reach their potential...though I also tend to benefit in some way materially or otherwise from this karma tends to get paid back by the universe. People tend to invest in you when you invest in them and it ends up being a sort of two-way street sometimes. That helps to strengthen my own path in the long run. I like to spread the light. Infect people with the light. It’s a revolutionary act and I am all about rebellion and revolution and countering society's biases towards people stuck on the fringes as most of us are.

The same holds true for the soul. You cannot escape this reality much as you might try. Perfection is limitless and eternal, not only in the sense of time but also in the sense of scope. You can sense and experience an infinitesimal part of all this, even while here in this mundane state. Whoever approaches the stony and steep road of self-discovery will experience in time,, changes that seem unbelievable, or would seem to be unbelievable for anyone who did not invest time and effort into this.

Lucifer is not the Devil, and even if you have a soul, you cannot “sell” it. Why do people consider stuff like this? Have all the years of negative programming by ‘the powers that be’ corrupted the mind so much that people turn to these biblical black-and-white nonsense? Think for yourself. Lucifer is an archetype. To know Lucifer you must know yourself.

A good alternative is psychotherapy. Actually, compare good psychotherapy to Jungian archetypes, and you get close to the same, which is to balance your internal stuff before you manifest and realize your full potential. So let the life force flow freely into your soul. But the work has to be done. That of the living flow which you at one time or another have destroyed has to be regenerated by facing oneself, overcoming your resistance and sluggishness and self-pity.

You should never believe even for an instant that what you experience is unjust and unfair, no matter how much it may appear to be so. In absolute truth and reality, you have caused it. You have to find the cause and a way to come out of it, out of the state you have remained in for so long. Think about this.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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