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The Divine Luciferian - Part I

You can gain inner freedom only by liberating yourself from mistakes. As the first and inevitable step, you have to bring them into consciousness. Only thereafter can you free yourself from them. So instead of talking about violating the divine law, it might be better to say that divine truth has been violated. For the truth is life force and the truth is certainly divine law. The path on which I lead you shows you the truth about yourself.

Lifeforce is regeneration. Static life force means degeneration. In your images, your wrong conclusions, your conscious and unconscious ignorance and mistakes, you do not live in truth, and therefore you prohibit the life force which has many other attributes and is most definitely a healing force—for your body, your mind, and your soul. Thus you will readily believe that all physical sickness is only a chain reaction, a final outer manifestation of obstructed life force.

If you have obstructions within your soul, the only way to cure the malady is first to prepare for the proper reception of the life force. The first step is to encounter the untruth and that, of course, is often unpleasant business.

This leads many people to believe that our path cannot be the right one. They think that because the divine is beautiful, harmonious, and blissful, to experience the very opposite is an indication that something contrary to the divine is taking place. How further from the truth could one be! How can you believe that you can simply bypass all the disharmony you yourself have planted in your soul and then directly experience divine harmony!

You have to understand the wrong causes you have set in motion before you can truly understand divine truth. If you have planted a poisonous plant in your garden, spoiling all the good plants, can you get rid of the bad plant without getting hold of it and pulling it out? This work might not be exactly pleasant, for the poison may even affect you temporarily, but this cannot be avoided. It is better than to leave the poisonous plant in your garden.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
Jan 18, 2021

Thank you Brother 😊

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