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The Divine Jester (Extracts S&S part II)

Within each and every one of us there sleeps a perfectly wacky, whimsical perceptual force primed towards the natural chaos and non-linearity of life. It is the inverted side of our orderliness, the part of us that knows freedom in the boundlessness of expression, expansion, in a moment by moment immersion.. and all over, under, within bodily contentment far beyond the thresholds of pleasure and pain...

This is our sacred clown, the holy fool, divine jester, what certain Native American tribes deemed their Heyoka; it is the innate part of us that is not contained by rigid dogma and subconscious programming. It sees upside down, inside out, in all manners of colors and sensations, always looking through and beyond that which is presented and into some random aberration that captivates its discerning, highly flexible, and contortionistic awareness.

Our present-day does not honor the force of the sacred clown and its role in liberating the spirit. By way of this, we see a world overrun with walking machines so completely out of touch with themselves and their humorous relationship with life that they are withering into a state of substance malnourished techno-oblivion.

People are scared into stagnation, so unwilling to step into the uncertainty of that which they can’t fathom, bound by the dismay of their cynicism, made slaves to their primitive fears. It is a huge feat to even -consider- starting a new amidst a flux of hyper-dependent promises. Instead, we overthink, overanalyze, and under-act, forever circling around possibilities that eventually collapse in on themselves through the inertia of a mind made black and white. Everything is taken so seriously; so seriously, including ourselves. All the beauty in our strangely enticing damnation is made into a giant fright fest where people can only ever play the role of victim, calling out for someone or something to save them from the big bad wolves that circle their internal wonders.

Really, why -do- people take themselves so seriously? The sacred clown asks us. What exactly is this game we’re playing and why are so many playing if it has done nothing but robbed them of their joy and soothed them with complacency? Security is the prize and the expression it is distorted into is only an ever-elusive bully that cuts us down and limits our potential. We are so stuck within this adolescent relationship to the world and to what we deem to be life that any forms of rebellion we -are- capable of expressing turn into willful self-sabotage. Like playing hooky with our dreams, we want to stay inside this house of imprisonment instead of actually immersing ourselves into the boundlessness of chaotic possibility.

And what is living life with your sacred clown liberated and free like? You may be wondering… Intrigued at the prospect of there being an antithesis to the hellhole of what may have presented itself as the grand reality of life and humanness.

With your sacred clown liberated you are not afraid to consider outside the scope of what you may be living, your view is broad and whimsical with a touch towards the ecstatic. You disregard the status quo in favor of your inner voice, no matter how crazy or unorthodox it may seem. You are wild and free, entirely able to move from one place, situation, and relationship to the next without bringing the pain of the past along with you; you see starting anew not as destructive to that which others would try to cling to but instead as a splendiferous new journey that you willingly embark upon each and every time.

ii-wy em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero


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