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The Devil - Partaker of souls

I am well aware that this next lesson is going to create confusion, disbelief, and curiosity in equal measure. I have touched base on this intricate subject before alluding to the fact that a sale of soul was nigh impossible but then again … maybe not entirely. So am I just jesting, writing, entertaining your fantasy, or am I revealing something more, a clearer hand maybe?

So, off we go. We gotta some souls to sell. All you have to do is "be alone in your room, close your eyes and say, 'Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right.' It may take dozens, even hundreds of tries but at all costs, avoid sounding desperate or needy. Always remember, make the devil want to want you.

When you sell your soul to the devil, you are giving your life to him in return for an object or ability of great power. You are also signing a pact chaining you to him, which makes you serve under his dark unholiness. There are no distinct changes in Personality, Physical Appearance, or emotions. unless that is what you traded your soul for. Usually, when one sells their soul, they get something of untold power. This 'power' usually causes the human psyche to become one that is corrupted by greed, power, lust, and on occasion violence. As some unknown great man once said, "If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power." Also, when you give your soul to Satan, you are not giving it to him directly, in actual fact, you are traded with one of his lesser demons which serve as a type of ambassador. Catch! Right?

This may be why some believe that the men and women who sell their souls are demons. The power that these individuals gain is originally from a demon, which means that the powers and changes are, in essence, demonic. That may be the other reason why they are seen as demons.

To sell your soul to the devil, there are several rituals one must perform. You will need a cold room that has not received sunlight for three days, and you'll need a parchment of plain paper that also has been in total darkness for three days. You'll also need a pentagram drawn on the floor, in order to protect yourself, and you must stand inside it from beginning to end.

Keep the air heavy with incense (whichever ones you like most), and do the ritual alone, otherwise, your concentration will stray. Taking a vial of goat's blood mixed with human blood, scatter drops within the pentagram, but not outside it, and not on your feet.

After the scattering you must not step on the blood, otherwise, you will carry it with you outside the pentagram. You must also know which demon you want to summon. Each demon is unique and depending on which ability or change you desire, you need a different demon. Also, each demon has a different ritual.

Set up each ritual for each demon you wish to summon around the pentagram. Demons like to be comfortable and are not as mean as some people claim. Perform each ritual in order, starting from the bottom point of the pentagram and work counter-clockwise. The demon will see from your rituals that it can only take part of your soul, therefore, some demons may not want to trade with you as they want an entire and complete entity.

Generally, the greater the portion of your soul a demon gets, the greater the power he will bestow upon you. When all demon rituals are complete, give a blood sacrifice inside the pentagram, then burn the parchment and boil the blood using either matches or candles. Mechanical devices are not allowed in this ancient ritual. Pledge your soul to Satan then leave the room.

After 3 days, clean the room so that nothing remains. The power that you have gained is demonic and thus misfortune can be a consequence that befalls you. The demons all maintain the right to yank your soul out of your body and into hell at any time they please. They could even do that immediately after bestowing your powers if they so wanted to. However, if you sold your soul to multiple demons, they would have to agree with each other to take your soul into hell.

If you sold your soul to two demons, each with half your soul, they would have to agree with each other to yank out your soul. But, if you equally sold your soul to 5 demons, and only 4 wanted to have your soul out at that moment, you would live and they would fail.

The minimum soul density required for living is 20% of its original total. And since 4 out 5 is the same as 80% over 20% you would live. But if you sold your soul unevenly, it's a completely different case. Let’s say you sold your soul unequally to 2 demons. 60% of it to one, and 40% of it to another, say the demon with 60% wanted it, you would undoubtedly die. Even though you have 40% remaining, you sold your soul unevenly to 2 demons thus, once the majority of your soul is in hell, you will die.

But fear not, for it is highly unlikely that your term as a sold soul will be of short tenure. You have been bought at a great price, and the glory of that is only yours to share.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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