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The Demonic Devine

I came across several people who had a very disturbing experience while practicing the Goëtia. Some even lost their sanity and became schizophrenic. Many experienced magicians' advice to first master working with angels before getting into working with daemons as the latter is a very advanced form of Magick.

However, my experience was the complete opposite. Firstly, there are no demons or angels, only higher entities with different call names. Secondly you align with what resonates with you and they need to want to answer your calling.

Let me be very clear - Lucifer listens quite well. In fact, being the second to the Creator himself, I believe he's a "quicker way" to reach the Creator’s ear. He is extremely powerful, able to do miraculous things, but only if you're willing to listen to what he has to say. Plus, he always listens.

Invoking him, burning his seal and asking for something will always be met with an answer, often exactly what you want. However, expect what you asked for to be answered in an "overwhelming" way, and often, while you'll get what you want, it will be met with a lot more than you'd ever expected.

For instance, ask for a dog: you'll have a dog, but you'll also be given a dog, but there will be other dogs you'll see that need a home as well. Being that you already wanted to give one dog a home, you'll have to choose between the one dog and the sad faces of all the other dogs, too. It's a whole lot harder than it sounds. While you'll get what you want - you'll also have to face a VERY hard decision. After all, that which comes easy is never worth it!

I want to bring an idea to our attention though that anything is dangerous when approached without respect. Many of these other forms of Daemonic practices including the Enochian or Abrahamic styles of magick, focus on Daemonic beings as entities that need to be forced or controlled.

When the approach is that of a ringleader at a zoo looking to whip a lion to make it do tricks, one will find themselves with a lot of backlash from the beast. Daemonic beings, when it comes down to it, are (most and many of them) older gods from older languages and cities and peoples that are precursors and progenitors for the imagery and essences of the Daemonic Divine we work with now. As all things and gods must do, they adapt and grow as the tides of time do. Many Gods and Deities must adapt to the people as the people change. And a lot of the work we have now with Enns and sigils and the ilk, these things are given to us by the Daemonic to be used with respect.

Solomonic magick (the magick and ceremonial rituals that usually are considered "advanced and complex and dangerous" (and they are and can be due to their setup) is the kind of magick that does not work in tandem and with due respect to the Daemonic beings.

In Demonolatry we seek these Daemonic Gods and Lords as guides for our development and our growth. We are instead inspired by them to help ourselves become more than we are now.

Solomonic magick and other branches that are similar regard the Daemonic with an Abrahamic spite that believes most Daemonic forces are tools or slaves to be bound and forced into their bidding for petty or menial means that aren't developmental at all. And approaching the Daemonic with this mentality is what makes the difference between experiences that are enlightening and eye opening versus horrible or tormenting and agonizing.

I do know that not all Solomonic Magicians treat Daemons in the manner aforementioned and described. The Ordo Templi Astarte, uses the Magick of Solomon and evokes the 72 daemons of the Goetia, but do so with much reverence and respect. I too was mentored into utilizing Solomonic magick when dealing with higher beings, not because I want to enslave or bind such entities, but because it creates a parameter of respect between the higher being and myself in this mundane plane of existence. We are of no use to anyone if we end up salivating, dribbling and an incoherent gibberish wreck rocking in some corner just because our ego preceded our common sense.


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