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The Death Curse - The Exchange

In my travels in the Occult world, I came across mentors that taught me everything I know ...well correction …everything I knew … because I took all that they taught me and pushed the boundaries until they snapped. So many times, was I warned by my mentors … beware the exchange … protect the vessel… remain sane of mind … but back then with djinn as my medium, I was taught how to deliver poison through magick into a targets body.

One dirty little secret is the Death Curse. This usually does not result in actual death. It affects health, mood, sleep, and luck… but it generally does not kill you.

In order to cast such a curse, you need to be willing to Pay the Price. This is not without cost. Are you willing to exchange 10 years of life essence in return for killing an enemy? Death Curse is NEVER used frivolously. This enemy needs to have done something to deserve it. It needs to be done in the name of vengeance or self defense. If you dare to curse an innocent out of spite, envy, malice, it will backfire hard.

A curse of this magnitude can be accomplished with a nuclear grade thought form… which most wizards and sorcerers simply would be incapable of creating. Typically, it is accomplished with multiple smaller thought forms, sent several times a day, for weeks… as well as dream-warping, astral and etheric attack, and other nasty tricks in the physical. The third method involves enlisting the assistance of an entity, which is the most efficient method, but leaves you in that spirit’s debt.

This is not a game. I have met witches who thought this was a game and would curse people they barely knew, regularly, out of petty annoyance and misplaced anger. They cursed dozens of people for fun. Not only didn’t their curses work very well, but it aged them rapidly and drove them insane. The ones who did not commit suicide or were committed to mental health institutions became homeless drug addicts.

As some of you might know I propagate a very different kind of magick. Those lucky enough to have ever been in a discussion with me where I have opened up about the subject know too well that I do not suffer fools gladly. For me the magickian is responsible to act should an unprovoked attack have taken place. The onus and responsibility lie entirely with the perpetrator and so does its karma. On the other hand, should the magickian fail to intervene and the perpetrator goes on to harm others as a consequence of inaction, than the karma lies with the witch. What is removed from the perpetrator’s life as a consequence of their ill action is solely at the discretion of the witch.

So back to the subject at hand, I have used this curse 3 times in 50 years. All of them were deserving. ALL paid for what they did, one way or another. I had and have no problem paying the price . It needed to be done and I regret nothing. It must be done in earnest. You need to be completely sincere and it needs to be totally justified. And THAT is why you can never simply pay money to some bruja or shaman to do this on your behalf… their heart will not be in it and, at best, it will be half-hearted and ineffective.

You will be left physically and emotionally drained. Some people become sick afterwards for days. It is a Terrible experience. Everything must be done appropriately, and you need to give a lot of yourself. As you stand in judgement of your enemy, Others stand in judgement of you and your act. If they feel you acted inappropriately, you will be punished. I walk this tight rope like a walk in the park - confidence has never been my weakness and retribution from the gods …well … bring it on I say, death is the only sure thing in this life!

For most practitioners, this is not a position you ever want to find yourself in… but sometimes you do what you need to do… essentially sacrificing yourself for the protection of others. They usually do not die… but they are a lot less likely to hurt people after what happens to them. It can be ongoing for months or years, it isn’t simply a one time “spell”… no, a connection is formed, and every time you manifest it back into life, they will feel the effects of their karma coming back to them. You do not get to walk away from this. They will be in your dreams. They will become a part of your life until you decide to forgive them… which is unlikely… so that connection lasts until one of you dies.

Are you willing to Pay the Price? Just remember the difference between a great magickian and everyone else - What are you willing to Commit!!

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