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The Dark Night of the Soul

Have you ever experienced a dark night of the soul? This period is often described as the hardest but most meaningful spiritual awakening in your life. A dark night of the soul feels like everything that gave you a sense of security and identity in your life has fallen away. But rather than hitting rock bottom and getting stuck there, a dark night of the soul can be a necessary part of your spiritual awakening.

Difficult circumstances in life can trigger a dark night of the soul. It could be that a partner, child, or parent gets ill or dies. It could be getting fired from work. Different circumstances give rise to this phenomenon. It is a very personal affair for the circumstances that cause a sense of meaning and place in life to fall away. What one person will get through okay, another will enter a dark night of the soul. It all depends on how integrated your sense of self is to the beliefs that are being broken or challenged.

In order to get from such a stripped-down, bare-bones place in your life, to actually finding new meaning and understanding, then everything must be questioned. Who am I? What is really important? What is true in this world and what is not? What do I want in moving forward?

A path of action may not always become apparent, albeit a deep sense of meaning and renewal of the spirit takes place. The meaning comes from recognizing, sometimes at a soul level rather than a conscious one, that you are indeed connected to all that is and being one’s authentic self and opening of the heart, is the way forward.

During this time, your spirit guides and other beings who you work with may give you signs. Perhaps it’s through the dream state, a book you find that just makes sense or a person who might say something that just clicks and brings it all together.

Sometimes these Spirits will help you to unfold gently and things fall into place over time. The dark night of the soul can be very alienating as you may feel that no one understands or feels as you do. It is a necessary part of the journey. In a true dark night of the soul, a real spiritual awakening, everything seems to be dismantled first in order to be rebuilt with a new understanding and vision.

It is a metaphorical death and rising of the Phoenix into a new life. But that is only one segment of your path. A spiritual awakening has various layers and stages to it. There may be a point of an opening where there are many inner realization moments. Yet growth will continue even after you see life through this new perspective.

A new quest for purpose and meaning develops, many people discover the gifts that the Spirits have given them. This starts to manifest in a new career direction, new self-identity, new or renewed relationships, even new activities. There is an acknowledgment of self and the importance of being interconnected and symbiotic with the larger universe, the divine creative force which expresses itself through you in the way you choose to experience and co-create life. These are all important characteristics of the dark night of the soul, culminating in a spiritual awakening.

The dark night of the soul is a personal journey, yet it is a journey that connects us all to those who have understood the power of being stripped down to the bare essence of whom they really are. The dark night of the soul is a pilgrimage into the self, and when one is ready to emerge, it is you who brings the light of dawn with you. It is a sacred journey of rebirth.

ii-wy em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero


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