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The Carnivàle (Extracts S&S -Part I)

Many people embrace and speak of the light of the crown chakra, but like all chakras in the body, there is a darkness in it that is never discussed. The Darkness of the crown chakra is the dark energies of the soul. The crown chakra is one of incredible light and brightness. We are told the brighter the light the darker the shadow.

This is true of both the crown chakra and of the sun when it is at its peak. Though they are few, the shadows are dark indeed in the places they reach. They are thick and concentrated and the will and desire of the subconscious become alive. The darkness of the crown chakra is the balance of darkness in our soul. We are beings of both darkness and light, and everyone has an individual balance. This is actually a perfect time to understand that balance and learn about what it means to you. What does darkness mean to you? Honor yourself and honor the darkness in your soul.

Shadow work and releasing the elements of darkness in us can be daunting at the best of times, but there are times when it is easier. When the shadow’s hold is weakened and we are able to explore and embrace them with ease. There are many symbols that reveal this journey and the Carnival is one of them.

The Carnivàle… it often brings to mind images of fun, play, excitement. For those horror buffs, it brings a surreal world of terror. The truth is that it is both. It is a place of wonder and amazement but it is also a world of terrible darkness and sinister desires. It is a world that on the surface appears safe, but is actually dangerous and foreboding, much like the subconscious.

The Carnivàle is an essence of magick and mysticism. It is surreal and seductive. It is untamed. It is run by wild beings who travel the lands setting up shop but for a short time to take us into a fantastical world of wonder before vanishing into the ether. It is the perfect symbolism of the shadow of the sun. For here we have a place on the surface that seems playful and fun but in reality houses a dark underbelly that is ripe for the awakening of the self and the healing of the soul.

The Carnivàle is one that hides deep secrets, much like the reign of the sun. When the sun is at its brightest, the shadows are most concentrated. They are thick and rich, full of darkness and sublime murky depth. The Carnivàle has creatures that are otherworldly, freaks that reveal the dark and forgotten side of mankind, rides that seemingly lift our spirits and take us to other worlds, attractions, and amazement, magick, illusion it is all there and though it appears light it is one of incredible darkness, but it is a place of unjudged darkness and that is important. We are expected to enter other worlds, we are expected to embrace the darkness and indulge the one sinister delights presented before us. It is the perfect place to explore these elements and symbols that are inside our own hearts.

Many people use the light and the sun to hide from their subconscious and hide from the infernal shadows that sleep in their souls. It is why people dread the cold looming months of fall and winter but revel in the brightness of summer.

The summer can hide that which we fear and seek to get away from, but it always lingers, it always hides in the shadows and it is only through the exploration and understanding of those shadows that we come to realize the truth and the wholeness of the self. The Carnivàle is a place all this becomes possible.

It is a place where we can embrace the dark child and really understand who we are, the freak inside of us free of judgment. We don’t have to act according to what society dictates in the walls of the Carnivàle, we can shed that image and embrace a more holistic and true image of the self and who we really are.

It is during this time that we are given an amazing gift. This is a gift of freedom, true freedom where we enter a dark mirror world of the self and come face to face with that dark essence. It is a place though that is untamed and unjudged and the perfect place for us to experiment with this darkness and really understand it. We learn about it and we learn about our place within it. For it is a place within us.

The Carnivàle is symbolically perfect as a Dark spiritual path of the shadow. It is a place where this is explored and attained. Do not be afraid to venture into the shadow and know that there are deep and real truths in your soul that are crying to be heard. Truth to its fullest is realized and we are really given a chance to understand ourselves and understand the darkness that we carry.

There are few places that carry that old essence of freedom, the Carnivàle is one of them. The old Carnivàles carry mysterious energy that entranced those who attended them. It was the place where those who were misshapen and disfigured could find a place and it was almost surreal in its otherworldliness. This acceptance of the darkness is why this is so important to the Dark Journey of our Soul.

ii-wy em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero


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