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The Candles of the Black Witch (Part I)

“In a dank and dark cave, a solitary figure hisses sibilant words, while lighting an ancient candle….the sacrificial knife glints in the candlelight, descending in a slow arch, plunging into the belly of a new-born baby…”

Candles have been the witch's companion since time forgot. “He who lights a candle casts a shadow” – valid words even in this modern day and age. Planets, hours, entities, emotions, and moods have been attributed to candles….is there truth in these attributions? Or is it simply fancy? How do we discern the truth from a bunch of superstitious “hogwash”?

In ages past, candles were made from mostly fat or what is better known as lard. The only pigmentation used by witches was soot. Soot? Yes, soot. This was very popular in dark works of magick and necromancy. White fat or lard was used for everything else in the Arts. The various colors used today in magick are founded on esoteric and kabbalistic beliefs.

Originally, all tools in the Arts are made by the practitioner, thus having a personal link to these “tools”. “Rather the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Let’s just say you go out to your local supermarket or quirky shop and purchase a stack of candles…convenient, yes?

Of course, it’s convenient! But, have you ever thought of residual attachments? Residual energy from the environment, the candle maker, the distributor, and so on and so forth. Residual energy attaches and spreads like a disease….You would have to cleanse each candle, empower it with intent, and then dedicate it….Those are three individual rites, count them. You can spare yourself A LOT of energy and simply create the candle yourself!

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

Photo credit : Aleera De Lune


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