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The art of Evoking and Invoking

The Art of Evocation is a Black Magick skill that once learned will prove very useful and can be applied to every area of your life. There is a huge difference between Invocation and Evocation.

Magick done properly, as in an invocation of an element, planetary force, godform, angel or daemon, will result in that force truly coming to life and suppressing the ego, so that either A) a full possession occurs (such as is so easy to happen in African traditions as voodoo/hoodoo, which to my western taste is fascinatingly effective but quite tricky to manage to the inexperienced, but oh so easy to work with for the uninitiated), or B a partial evocation happens where the magickian is slightly possessed and will act according to the Will of the entity or force in question, but regains his subjective reality.

Invocation: Is a ritual or Prayer. You call upon a deity and ask them to grant your desired request or to help you in an area of your life. When you invoke a deity you are calling upon their energy bringing the presence of the entity into the room, then you can ask them to grant your request, such as protection, inspiration, their presence at a ceremony, etc. In some rituals, the essence of the deity or spirit can enter the magician and inspire them.

Invocation is relatively simple to perform and really just involves being devoted to your diety and genuinely asking them for guidance. Like all magickal practices when performing an invocation you must be focused in order for it to work properly. Some different forms of Invocation are Rituals, Prayers, Hymes, Meditation, etc. All religions have their different forms of invocation.

Evocation is a little different.

Evocation: In This art, you call forth a spirit, Demon, Angel, or other diety and ask them to appear before you. Where once they appear you ask them to grant a specific request. When performing an evocation you have to be very specific and remember to tell the entity to not harm your friends and family as in the spirit world things happen a little different.

There are many different ways to perform evocation rituals and they can be performed on any type of spiritual entity out there. The two most common are Angelics and Demonics.

There are two ways to get the entity to appear, one is by evoking them to the Physical Plane which can be challenging and is the harder of the two methods. On the Physical Plane, the entity has a harder time assuming a form and it can take longer beside more energy is required. Though this method is effective it is not recommended for the initiate magician.

The next is an easier way to evoke an entity, it is evoking it to the Astral plane via a black mirror. This way is preferable to most magicians as it is easier for the entities to reveal images and communicate with you. This way has its challenges, like all forms of evocation that require focus and a controlled mind, but it is the easier of the two.

I have done many evocations in my time albeit I do not follow a lot of the old teachings where one must be cruel to the entity and bind it, I am actually grateful to the entities for their help. I have found that with that attitude I have made some very strong connections and had extra gifts befall upon me.

If you want to master this skill then there is a book I recommend that is a must. It is called “Summoning Spirits“ by Konstantinos….

Both Evocation and Invocation are very useful abilities and will be greatly beneficial to your Black Magick practices.

ii-wy em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero

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