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The Art of Banishing

We all potentially have things in our life that we would rather be rid of. Whether it is an annoying person, a bad habit or something that is disrupting our path, we all have these things that we wish would leave our field of vibration.

Before we begin talking about banishing, we need to talk about how these things came to be in our lives. We all vibrate at specific frequencies. Our minds are the heralds of thoughts and from those thoughts arise many different vibrations. Vibrations run through our body. Our cells and molecules all vibrate at different frequencies that make us who we are.

Vibrating at these specific frequencies will attract us to different things. Some of these things we will like, others we will not, whilst other manifestations can be harmful to us, these we like to call addictions. This is the same with people; we vibrate different frequencies and sometimes the things that have caused us pain in the past more often than not manifest back in our lives to bring these experiences to the forefront. When we are banishing people from our lives, there are two components to the banishment, the immediate and exposed banishment, and the subtle and hidden inner banishment. You will want to banish the individual who is harming you, but you will also need to look inside at why you manifested them in the first place.

There are always underlying vibrations in our subconscious that will be gravitating people towards us. When these people prove damaging, it is a warning that we may have some kind of damage inside of us that needs healing. This is where the shadow component of banishing comes into effect. Looking deep into one’s soul and embracing shadow work will help you to locate this damage and work on healing it. Sometimes when we are working with the shadow it can bring toxic people back into our lives who we once banished. It is important during these instances to ignore the one who was banished and continue to shift into the new reality where you are free and devoid of their existence.

Remember that you will still need to heal, as removal of one toxic person without healing will bring about another one. It just gives you room to breathe and also if you stay within this new energy vibration, away from the individual who caused you harm, you will, in turn, heal yourself and heal what hides in the subconscious. People can very easily be banished from our lives, though when we do it is always important to seek out inside of ourselves what caused them to come into our lives in the first place! When you completely release yourself from that energy then you will have not only banished the toxic individual, but also the underlying vibration that is bringing them into your life.

Addictions and unwanted habits can also be overcome by applying banishing magick. When working at banishing an addiction, you cannot banish the behavior; you have to banish the cause. Addictions can be interesting to banish as they often root themselves into our psyche. So if we just cut the top off the root grows again. Some addictions also take time and the banishment spell needs to compile on itself and get stronger. Banishment spells are a spell of raw empowerment because you essentially are deciding to remove something from your life that is harmful. You are taking back control of your life and removing that which does not serve you.

Banishment rituals are also very effective for banishing unwanted energies and entities. Performing a banishing ritual in your house can remove and eliminate negative energies that tend to build up and accumulate. They are also usually cast at the beginning of rituals, in the form of a banishment ritual for claiming and purifying the casting space. There are also banishment spells that one can cast which are usually more personal and customized to one’s individual needs. Banishing rituals have been used to remove entities that are causing problems to the individual and potentially harming them. There are many tools that you can use when banishing, the likes of Hot Foot Powder and Dragon’s Blood. Various stones can be wonderful additions to any banishment workings such as Blood Stone, Tourmaline, Jet and Black Salt. Herbs and plants which can be used are Sting Nettle, BlackBerry Bushes, Wormwood, Devil’s Claw, Garlic, Thyme, Rosemary, Hellebore just to name a few.

Banishment magick is incredibly versatile and can be used for many different things. It is good to play around with the energies and experiment with them to find what aligns with you the most.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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