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The Amulet

Truth is self-evident. That’s the most amazing thing about it. Truth cannot be denied. We can try. We can pretend to be something else, pretend that something isn’t what it is. But at the end of the day, nothing will shine as brightly as the truth.

There is a truth in magick that happens all the time. This truth can be easily overlooked, but pausing to see it is nearly the definition of being a Witch, at least in my opinion. When we, as Witches, come to an understanding, an epiphany, or even through a lesson in which we’ve learned something, anything, we are gaining truth. Witchcraft is about learning, it’s about self-improvement, it’s about understanding the world around us so that we can better manipulate it to meet our needs.

Witchcraft is so totally not all about the Tarot and the incense. It has very little to do with the stones you collect and the herbs you are growing. What Witchcraft is really about, at the heart of itself, is the knowledge you grow and the truths that you collect. Yeah, sure, the statues, candles, and various other accouterments are all great. But where would you be with any of it without the truth, without understanding, without knowledge?

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Does this guy believe that truth and spell-work can coexist?” Yeah, I do. I cast spells and work rituals all the time. I maintain realistic expectations now though, knowing that the higher the level of the caster, the more likely the speed of the outcome.

As I studied the Occult, towards the end of my tutelage, I was given an inexpensive amulet which was in itself though actually priceless. It had been charged with the specific energy of my five mentors and the sixth stone symbolized my own energy for me to charge with my signature imprint. I did this many moons ago, the actual key to its activation is now imprinted on my body and will die with me.

For many years I just kept it, never really wore it …it was kept safe on my altar, or the middle of my youngest daughters who used to be fascinated by it, used to borrow it so she could play...

Years and years passed, it traveled with me across countries and crossed seas… always ending up on the altar. I remember that all that was said to me was to never wield magick when it was on my person but to wear it for protection.

Lately, I had felt the need to start wearing it again. A recent occurrence in my life had left me feeling betrayed and angry, I cannot remember the last time such anger had coursed through my veins… As I was driving yesterday, I was in overdrive manifesting just dessert for the perpetrator of my anger, I felt I had been robbed, cheated and lied too, my energy was at an all-time high, suddenly my vision from both eyes went blurry very fast, I had no idea what was happening, I had sunglasses on so had no clear vision of my eyes, well, that would have not helped as, by the time I had managed to pull over to the side of the road, I was completely blind…

All kinds of thoughts raced through my head… what was I going to do now?… how do I get out of this pickle?… how do I alert someone to my plight?… was I now to be known as the blind occultist?!! Was it a bloody stroke? Torn retina?

Minutes passed that seemed like hours, and like it had come about my vision suddenly started returning… blurry, then it cleared … I was visibly shaken, worried that if it returned I could potentially crash…

Quick call to my doctor and he confirmed that the possibility of anything medically wrong with me was highly unlikely from the onset of my symptoms, this was verified at a later visit that day. I drove back home, more assured that this was an anomaly.

It was only when I got back that I realized that I had the amulet around my neck. I also remembered the words of warning those many years ago that I had been given… never cast with the amulet around your person…

So I have no idea what I had unleashed but it had left me shaken to the core bottom of my soul. As for the amulet, well, lesson learned… will try to be more careful next time around, powerful objects need to be handled with care, energy speaks volumes.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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