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The Adversary

Lucifer had always guided me, He has always helped me walk this path and find my own strength and power. He has always been there through some of the darkest times. He was the one who called onto my soul when I fell; he called the right people into my life when I needed them most. Lucifer has always been there for me when I needed him the most.

People will be forgotten in the mire of time if they let their fears prevail. Who cares what people think? Who cares what they say? Who cares what judgments are passed on you by people who have no bearing on your life? Even people who are in your life, who cares what they say? You have to detach yourself from their views and thoughts.

You will find that people like to divide others, they like to create problems. People delight in getting in the business of others and causing rifts. They don’t care about you and they will forget about you when a new target comes around. They will be your enemy one day and your friend the next. Do not let them dictate the course of where you go. People who dwell in these energies, they are not worth sacrificing your dreams over what they will say.

The best thing to do is do what you feel is right and ignore the negative talk that will always be around you. The higher your vibrations rise the more you will come across these people and identify how they act, how they just delight in the drama and the conflict. It gives those people something to do and your confidence should not be bound to it.

Fear from these kinds of people and their words will only hold you back. Be bold, be brave and just put yourself out there. Whether they laugh, praise or criticize, know that they are looking. That is how you get to where you want to go, be seen, put yourself out there and don’t worry about the judgments and what people are going to say. This is one of the secrets to success. Doing what you are called to without fear of judgment and criticism. You will delight in the praise and chuckle at the criticism for you will see it for what it really is.

You have to realize that the opinions of others, they just don’t matter. All that matters is you, where you are, what you are doing, where you are going and that you are giving it your all, giving your projects your all, giving you growth your all and going forward facing each challenge that comes to you with confidence and charisma.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick


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