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The Adversarial Ideology

You must view yourself as being only accountable for yourself; no god or spirit will give you anything which you do not earn yourself or set in motion to achieve. Invocations and experiences with ritual magick must be performed with a sincere purpose; your workings which will propel your self-evolution will begin towards challenging your beliefs and perception.

You deal with the ideological, philosophical, and Magickal attainment of knowledge and inner power. The type of knowledge sought is firstly that of the self. The initiation or the revealing of knowledge is through study, practicing Adversarial Magick/Sorcery, and the continual struggle for self-improvement through spiritual rebellion.

Magick is considered to be a process of continual self-improvement, strengthening consciousness, and obtaining knowledge via a self-chosen path of initiation. Rituals are small markers of this process, for they represent “road signs” which assist the adept on their own path of spiritual and physical insight. A balance and interaction of the spiritual with the physical eventually leads to wisdom, experience, and power. By pushing these boundaries, the Luciferians can ‘ascend’ as gods themselves.

Ritual magick is the understanding that the “gods”, “spirits” and “demons” are the archetypical creation of humanity; that our subconscious feeds the type of energy in which these beings exist through. Luciferianism is thus the ultimate spirituality as it focuses on the growth and expansion of the individual in a rational sense here and now, with the broad range of spiritual exploration as well. It is the ‘bridge’ between both, the initiation, which unlocks the wisdom of darkness.

One considers the Black Flame, or “Melammu”, the power of gods and demons, to be the essence of divine consciousness. This is visualized within via meditations and in ‘dream’ workings or astral projection. The Black Flame is the inner fire of the mind given to humanity by the Watchers or fallen angels.

They say that Lucifer never sacrificed anything, now that’s a lie, he sacrificed everything. It took God years to do what he did, it took Lucifer minutes.

The moment God created us, Lucifer "tempted" us with truth,

with freedom and the moment we accepted that truth, that very freedom that made us human, God proving his cruelty, disowned us and went to war with his children.

Lucifer and those that believed as he does, fought a battle that they knew they would lose and sacrificed their freedom so that we could have ours. They were banished from paradise to be in pain forever so that we could live free to choose what we want and not a preset fate as a slave.

They could have easily given up and stayed in paradise or just as easily done nothing but they chose to fight and they chose to sacrifice themselves for us, is that evil? I don’t think so. So ask yourself who is the real father of (wo)mankind, God the creator or Lucifer the Liberator?

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski
May 27, 2020

Luciferianism is thus the ultimate spirituality!

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