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Solve et Coagula

Nothing in this life comes without sacrifice, without hard work. Many times, however, more cunning and intelligence are required than of hard work; while one enriches the pragmatic sense the other does so in will and spirit.

That's why in our daily life, we are surrounded by a multiplicity of factors that influence, to a lesser or to a greater extent, our goals.

Of course, it is necessary to evaluate and understand the responsibility of our decisions as that of our thinking; every act and thought leads us to something, as if not. Is this what forges the will and determination to pursue our goals?

Can you imagine any great occultist, philosopher, thinker, a scientist who has transcended history, like themselves, if they had listened to criticism and mockery? They wouldn't have gone far I assure you because the ′′ tribe ", as Nietzsche would say, seeks to absorb you in their traditional morals and mediocrity.

It also depends on where you want to go, even if the hows' aren't always simple, easy, or noticeable. There's life, there's your destiny. You have to take it even if it costs you, even if they reject, judge, or criticize you.

This is why the mentality plays an extremely important role in the life of every man, more so of every magickian because this is what will provide the keys and access to the multiple realms, both mortal and immortal.

The significance, then, lies in the firm will and complete affinity of your work and your being. As a firm believer and worker that existence precedes the essence, that will and intelligence always determine the present, I can only honor my spirit and my power, my ability to build myself despite the complexities of the being itself, still and with all its conditioning, despite everything and the inclement environment.

Paying attention isn't easy, but it's essential for real change, that's where my greatness and manifestation of all my possibilities lie.

To be, then, my own Lucifer, my own Shiva, my own Saturn, my own version of divinity, make me a cult toward my constant evolution, but not one like the ordinary god, but one that transcends his mortality.

When one is marked by death, everything takes another dimension. That is its symbolic function. If you have a problem, think tomorrow you will die. Then ask yourself again

if that problem is meaningful or inconsequential, and then you will see your true purpose, what has the most value for you?

Whoever doesn't know how to handle his own sobriety won't know how to handle what resides in himself. Anyone who does not know how to deal with his own solitude will be consumed by his darkness, tormented by what he represses and vicious with what makes him forget his being.

Visions, dreams, and shadows will constantly remind you of what you have to reconcile, which you can't overlook and that in doing so, you will continue to suffer in your own pettiness.

Thus, the demonic figures are real and tangible, because they emerge in our minds as they have been embodied in our soul, and so they will continue to have an effect on us until we have understood them and taken that power into ourselves.

I'm not saying that they are just in our minds or that indeed these forces physically exist, simply that they are misunderstood because of our lack of consciousness. They are not pretty and they are not simple, but by virtue of mastery and work over oneself, you can integrate them into their symbolic appearance as ash reinstates nature by dissolving.

Explore, then, those dark aspects in you. Deal with that inner chaos, with what bothers you, that which you don't like, that in turn which does not like you. Face it. Study yourself, your body, and work it out. Light up your inner light and your own chaos.

Work your shadow. Work your demons. Work what makes you human and what makes you a God. This is the real dark magick.

Transform yourself than into the dragon among the snakes, into the great bearer of the light of the world and its darkness. It is certainly not a path that everyone will understand but I assure you that, at the end of the day, your life, when you are alone, no one will understand.

And this is not a way for everyone and it should not be the same nor the right one, but if it is for you to find it, find it and transcend it.

Time, it's all about time.

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Rachel Mercieca
Rachel Mercieca
Jun 21, 2020


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