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Sickness be upon thee

As we keep venturing further into a darker spell collection, here is a spell to bring illness upon someone. You can use this kind of dark magic spell as a form of revenge, or to get someone out of the way when competing for something in your life (romance, a job, an actual competition).

Needless to say, heed the warnings I always give when dabbling with darker magick.

Items you will need

• A rotten egg

• A photo of the person

• Wood ash

• A rusted pin or nail

So, the odds of you having a rotten egg just sitting around are pretty slim (I hope), so you should plan this spell in advance. Leave a whole (un-cracked) raw egg out in the sun for several days, until it starts to smell a little ripe. It can take a week or even more.

Once you are ready to cast this spell (a Saturday is good), bear in mind that it will smell rotten, and being the great chef you are, you might not want other people home when you go about casting this spell.

Set out the photo on a table, on a plate or tray. Puncture the egg with the rusted pin and crack it open over the photo. Let the smelly stuff cover up the picture as you visualize that person getting sick. Sprinkle wood ash over the rotten egg. Let everything fuse for a few minutes. Again, concentrate on your intentions as you enjoy the aroma (Buon appetite).

Proceed to take the plate outside, and bury the whole concoction with the photo facing downwards. Your intended target will fall ill within a short space of time.

There are some people who insist that magicians are born, not made. I have usually thought of this as a sort of elitism, designed to frighten off those who are not recognized by an established order. But is it possible that some people have more natural ability and a closer connection to the reality of magick? Yes, indeed it is. Yet still, I don’t believe that anybody is destined to discover magick.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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