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Shadow Work & the Demonic Devine (Extracts S&S)

Satan is the Demonic Divine, the Father of all demons, and the Lord of Darkness, the Dark Divine… He is an incredible, powerful Dark Lord and Divine being. Many people see him as the enemy, as the opposite of divine. A being of horror and corruption, darkness and malice, but in actuality, he is the darkness of divinity and the one who understands the high vibrations of darkness, the power of the inner self. Satan is the Father, the Lord, and to those on the Demonolatry Path, he is the all. On the Demonosophy path, we see him as the Father of all demons and the Dark Side of Divinity.

The Divine is both darkness and light, it is actually all sides and all-encompassing. Demons are high vibration dark beings. Demons are divine beings, they are the dark side of divinity and they hold the secrets of darkness.

The darkness is not to be feared, it is a place of wonder, the start of creation from where everything flows. The darkness of the divine is the void of creation, the primordial essence of where we all begin, and where all ideas emerge. It is a place where wisdom and knowledge are concealed. The darkness holds the keys and the secrets to all the problems. It has the answers to all the questions that we seek, and it is why we walk through the darkness that we learn and uncover the truth about ourselves.

The Light Illuminates and reveals, but the darkness creates and nurtures the growth of creation. Within it the secrets of the realms are concealed, the mysteries of the self-revealed, and when we gaze into that dark terrifying space, we find our divine selves staring back at us. Through walking this path with the demons, we are called to shadow work and understand the nature of our own darkness. The Path of walking with demons is not an easy one, Satan calls us to rise and be our best, challenges us to conquer our fears and ourselves, and master the best we can become. He is an incredibly powerful and high vibration dark lord and it is through him that we rise through the darkness and are transformed.

Humans are both light and dark beings, we must understand the light, but we also have to understand the darkness. There is a transformation that we go through when we face our shadows. The wisdom of life and the wisdom of this world are revealed to us, where we rise above where we are, we embrace the darkness in our hearts and we walk this world, free and balanced in our essence. We are in a place where we completely understand ourselves, we are at peace with who we are and the darkness that is inside of us.

From Satan we are guided through the darkness, we are guided to the places we fear, the places we are scared to traverse but we must, we must walk the dark road to uncover the mysteries and the wisdom they hide.

Those who have walked through the darkness, who have been forged by fire and steel, they are the ones who have learned the lessons of the darkness and they walk with wisdom and understanding. Satan is the gatekeeper of this path and one who guides us through this darkness. His energies are very fatherly and caring because he understands the perils of this journey.

When we walk with our shadow we will be confronted and faced with the worst sides of ourselves, he adversarial parts of our being. Satan guides us and walks with us through these trials of the self and he helps us to face and embrace our shadows.

In shadow work we will be faced with the worst sides of our being, however, repressing those sides does not help. In fact, it hinders us and our journey in the here and now, for when the shadows are repressed they control and lord over us from the subconscious. When we embrace them and accept them we find balance with them, we become complete humans and we are able to act from a place of empowerment, without the darkness and the shadows holding sway over us. We are transformed through the darkness and enter an empowered balanced state.

It is through working with Satan that we become the masters of our shadows and the masters of our selves. We heal the pains of this life and free ourselves from the social programs that have been placed upon us. It is a challenging but empowered journey.

Many people look upon demons as evil not because the demons are evil, but because they are having a challenging time facing their own shadows, so they project them onto these demons. The Demons do not leave us in the darkness; they walk with us through the shadows, do not blame your demons during shadow work. Look at yourself and face your shadows. That is the path of Demonolatry, the path to transformation, and empowerment.

ii- wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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