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Sexual alchemy and Abstinence

The transmutation of sexual energy is not only about non-ejaculatory (the Karezza method) as many have wanted to propose, although this helps, real change is only possible when sexual thoughts are also transmuted.

For this exercise the ideal thing is not to be in a couple and have great control over verbal thoughts (mental dialogue), in other words, it is necessary to have achieved some clarity and mental silence because otherwise, all energy will dissipate in the shape of thoughts about sex.

The magician will refrain from all forms of sexual activity until he perceives some discomfort or tension due to this, then this tension caused by repressed desire will be used for meditation.

In a conducive stance, we will meditate on anything that excites us very much until we perceive that conscious tension has been released. The mind gets tired past some time, and because of these involuntary thoughts about sex stop bothering it, but the desire itself is repressed as the act has not been completed but imagined.

It creates tension between the subconscious, body, and consciousness.

Consciousness after meditation described above has risen above the need for sex as the subconscious mind and body continue to seek sexual pleasure. When this tension remains constant, true energy begins to emerge, body and subconscious desire by not passing into mind in the form of thoughts passes in the form of energy, this is the only logical explanation I could find for explaining why this method works so remarkably.

Chemical reactions always seek balance, the brain creates the desire in the form of electrochemical impulses, desire emerges in the conscious mind and dissipates in the form of thoughts. With this method, the second member of the equation changes and transforms into a constant and lasting form of energy, a latent and underground desire that continually gives us momentum.

It's not the energy that bestows contemplation, calm, and unanxious. It's a kind of passionate state, a form of a desire not located at any specific point but rather at all points. We are constantly alert as we possess clarity. In short, we enter a state of energized enthusiasm that can serve us for various purposes, activate stealth, creating servers and some rituals become easier as we enter more quickly into a state of trance, dedicating ourselves to any particular activity is simpler as we possess lots of energy and creativity.

On the other hand, I do not recommend that this operation passes 3 to 5 months, as abstinence tends to create mental imbalances in some cases.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero (aka Ezichio Stone)


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