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Setting Boundaries (II)

The more you shift your energies the more things change but it is not bad, change is never bad, change is very good. Look at how far you have come, this is the step that needs to be taken and you have to learn to set these boundaries for yourself and you have to learn to protect your space, your people, those who are there growing and learning.

We are shifting the energies to raise the vibrations of the world and those around you. These actions are going to set a standard, they are going to raise you out of any desperate energy, they are going to empower you in a way where you can grow and take the actions that you need to protect your space. You are going to be learning new skills and you are going to be stepping into a very empowered role. Not everyone is going to like it.

You will hold your course and you will do it for those who walk with you, for those you help you and for yourself. Setting boundaries are not unreasonable and those who think it is, well it says quite a bit about them doesn’t it?

Missing deadlines will happen and if people cannot understand that boundaries need to be set, that they cannot yell at you and abuse you if they cannot respect you, boundaries need to be set. People cannot make unreasonable demands of you; if they do, boundaries need to be set. You are allowed to set boundaries, more so if your wellbeing is being compromised.

Raising your own vibration does require setting boundaries and it does require setting standards. It establishes that you respect yourself and your space and you respect the people who come here to learn and grow. Respecting your space and yourself is very important especially where you want to go. You are not going to shift, you give people changes, you talk to people, you still give them the space to grow and learn, but when someone outright disrespects you and your space, when they cross a boundary they have been warned not to cross, they are disrespecting you and themselves and they should be removed.

Sometimes what people need to grow, is tough love, they need to have the capacity to reflect on their own actions and realize when they are being unreasonable. When it is blatantly obvious that self-reflection is not a faculty that they possess, point them to the door. If they want to stay they will reflect and come back, if not you saved yourself a headache. No one though deserves special privileges when it comes to your sanity, your stress level, and your boundaries, and though it is challenging to implement now, as your space grows this standard will grow with it and it will be a positive place for everyone.

Shift your attention, your projects, and your growth towards the people who are with you, who walk with you and are helping you. They deserve all your focus, those who would push your boundaries and cause stress, deserve nothing more than to be reminded of those boundaries. If they cannot show you that basic respect, then you have every right to ask them to leave.

I knew what he was saying and I knew this was the storm. It was testing me, it wanted me to fall back to old patterns, old fears, but I will no longer give chase, and I welcomed the storm.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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