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Setting Boundaries (I)

Over the course of the years, I was privy to diverse lessons by my mentors and at times the connotation was more ideological with an occult twist. This particular lesson went like this... There once was a man who managed to secure a Million Dollar contract but as soon as it was secured the client in question began to make unreasonable demands, not just of him, but also of his staff. This client felt entitled to things that they had not earned, they felt that just because they had this contract that they could abuse the man and his employees, which they didn’t have to listen to the man or respect him. So the man, wanting to preserve not just his sanity, but also the sanity of his entire staff, canceled the contract, fired the client, and got on with his life.

The lesson in this story is a good one. No client no matter how much they have paid you, or how long they have been with you are worth your sanity, they are not worth suffering over. You have a service you offer, you put in the time, the work, and dedication to that service, you give them exactly what they paid for, and in your case, most probably more. These services do not cover abuse and they do not cover extra stress, which is not included in the package, ever. People will come into your life and they will push boundaries, they will make unacceptable demands, and when they do they need to be removed without prejudice.

Yes, you are not desperate, desperate people do desperate things and they push boundaries and cross lines and make unreasonable demands. The person in question here respects himself and he is not desperate or in a poverty mindset, a million dollars is nothing to him, especially at the expense of his sanity. A person who is with you a long time should respect your time, your practice, your craft, and what you are doing. If they cannot show you respect then there is no harm in shifting away from them.

You are not desperate, you are learning to operate from abundant energies, and you have a standard for the type of people you want to work with, you want people who are not going to push your boundaries and that are able to show basic respect. Desperate people will stab you in the back; they will betray you and they will turn on you the second that you no longer serve them. If someone wants to transact with you and is reasonable, give them the best service ever, give them first-class treatment. If they are unreasonable and push your boundaries you have every right to push back, especially if they cross lines. You have every right to defend yourself and your energies as well as the energies of those who walk with you.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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