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Season 3 of the fan-favorite occult radio show KOTN.

Join Rev. Frater Crow and his fantastic lineup of guests as they deep dive into the content matter, and discuss the mechanics of magic and spiritual transmutation. Season 3 Episode 5join us as we talk with the High Priest of the international Church Of Lucifer, Patrick Gaffiero. we will be speaking of the Luciferian Illumination. [Patrick Gaffiero 34th Generation High Priest of The International Church Of Lucifer. “Nobody can “give” you magick, the big secret here is that you already possess everything you need deep within you, your work is to uncover the layers of trauma that prevent you from being the awesome god/goddess that you already are, and propel you into becoming the deity you seek to emulate.” Brutal Business Ent: Bringing you 100% real and raw underground entertainment. "Step Into The Circle"


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