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Everything we write on these pages is with the sole intention of inspiring other occultists and spiritual people on their path towards .. whatever it is that they might be seeking these days. We make no presumption to offer you ‘the only truth’ thus we encourage people to make their own research into the topics we write about.

As Occultists, we are so diverse, each occultist's ideology worldview has within it a multiverse of influences, references, and motifs that serve as backdrops and neuro-linguistic programming that make up the model of the universe, or to put it in less technical terms: a custom-made spiritual temple for each and every individual’s needs. We think the thirst for knowledge is fueled by the necessity to search out enough building blocks for that integrated temple. May you find our endeavors useful in your own quest to satisfy your thirst.

We are all seeking something in our lives, something to give our existence meaning, something that makes our time here, on this earth worthwhile... So what is it that we seek? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it love? Is it acceptance? What brings about that state of being we call happiness? Are we to believe that the only place you can find happiness is in the dictionary... the definition of the perfect state, but only as far as definitions go. It is progressively hard to find happiness in this ever so materialistic society. Money seems to rule and give classification to individuals, who, truth be said, should be classified according to wealth more of a spiritual nature than the old monetary connotation.

I find that deconstruction of oneself is a start in that journey towards trying to achieve that state that eludes the majority of us on a daily basis. You need to bare yourself naked, analyze what is happiness to you, then reconstruct yourself around that ideal. No, it is not easy, I agree, but its a start, ditch all negative thoughts, persons, situations in your life, try focusing on being positive, alive, in control, knowing that too much is exactly like too little, an imbalance, it can never lead to harmony within oneself. I do not in any way, shape or form profess to have the solution to be truly happy. Like all of you, I am searching ... at times I feel like I am inches away from that perfect state, and then, just like that, it's gone ... and leaves me perplexed, confused, knowing well enough that the search is not finite but infinite, a continuous work, a lifelong journey.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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