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Revelations - Part II

The world has this illusion of duality in all that it compasses, good, bad. Man, woman. Conservative, Liberal. Religious, Non-religious. Armchair occultist, practicing occultist. What I am should terrify the world. But they are too blind to see what it is that I am. I am the embodiment of dissolution. All Truth is within me. Everything else is a lie. Do what thou wilt. Nothing is true.

My calling is to help show people the way to themselves. To know who you are, you have to stop believing in or against things. You have to know within yourself which is wrong and what is right. Belief is for children. The ethics behind beliefs are nearly always corrupt and hypocritical.

I travel between the world of men and of the gods. Your self-limiting perception - you are seeing the world through beliefs - prevents you from understanding what I say. But some of you know instinctively, never having swallowed the lie. Initiation is yours, if only you ask for it.

In my journeys, I have come across many great and respected leaders of the occult world. To my dismay I have also witnessed the whining about not everyone being on their level, nobody is as authentic, with as much historicity and knowledge as they are. Everyone but them is a fool, doing it all wrong.

Essentially, they can get no respect from a new generation that has entirely different ways of perceiving. So they call them subjective and write them off as lost causes. How enlightened and full of wisdom the elders show themselves to be!! I do believe the lie is built-in, in one sense, as a catalyst for evolution and revolution. It forces growth.

I grew up with self-righteous people. I can recognize it a mile away. I look at humanity and I see minds that have fallen prey to the same ego traps, again and again, age after age -in religion, politics, philosophy, and especially the trendy occult world. Get over yourselves. You are not equipped to grasp reality, you that most likely can’t even handle a week off of your anti-depressants. So you lie without even realizing what you do.

Some trendy alchemy guru today made a post preaching about non-duality and the reality of there being no soul, no afterlife. His arrogance was only preceded by his ignorance, seemingly in his middle age he came to turn against his earlier held beliefs, he takes the reactionary stance against them - a pendulum swing - must now be true Truth.

I used to be one of these man-child assholes. I was the worst of the worst - a Calvinist - one who has left no single question unanswered. Those answers did absolute shit for me. I had a fuck load of them.

Nobody could stand up to me and my superior knowledge of everything - or at least everything I felt to be important; which the bigger the ten-cent theological term, the greater the importance to me. Those answers only served to make me more arrogant and more alienated from others. More hateful towards people that did not believe what I believed was true. I was a raging hypocrite. All the answers to life yet owning a life that was falling apart. Sic Mundus Creatus Est!

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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May 11, 2021

excellent way of putting things's reinforcement for me. Very eloquent. It's nice to be reminded here and there and not get sucked back into the illusion. I don't mind playing .. we have a purpose beyond the ordinary ..we can live an extraordinary life in the meanwhile. Thank you!

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