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Resurrection Magick - Part IV - The Life Force

Life Force is exactly just that. It is Universal Energy that gives life to all things. Everything in existence has it and radiates it. This Universal Power source can be gathered, stored, and then channeled by the Will to accomplish Magick. Spiritual fuel that runs the body and mind, generally invisible to ordinary folks (but not those with Aura Vision). Life Energy may be the same thing as the spirit, or rather just some sort of spiritual Life Meter.

So what is this life force we speak about? It is interpreted as the universal life force that is contained in every sphere or world, all inanimate objects, abstract ideas, and living human beings. Nothing can exist without it.

The disciplines of mastering Spirit Energy are too easily overlooked in Western Magickal systems. This is because Western civilization abandoned it's indigenous, ancestral Magickal practices. Spiritual disciplines that have an unbroken link to their pre-history tend to focus heavily on these energy arts. These ancient societies have perfected Life Force practices to a science. Like any muscle, our energy bodies need exercise if they are to grow strong and efficient.

An inanimate object is a static life force. A beautiful idea, a truth, is a flowing life force. Lifeforce is eternal and therefore all life is eternal. Death is but an illusion. An inanimate object you call dead is only so temporarily. All life, in whatever way it manifests, must exist eternally, for non-eternal life is no life and therefore a meaningless contradiction. The life force contains all divine attributes. It is, it has not come into existence, it does not do, it does not work or have. It simply is. Try to understand the significance and the distinction of these words. Lifeforce is all around you and within you.

A human being living in complete and utter harmony with the life force would not die, yet would not remain in the physical body either. For your matter is the static life force and exists only where the field of the life force is disturbed in some way. Death is not necessary in principle and one day death will be eliminated. Fully self-realized people will gradually transcend their bodies to spiritual form. This is so, although its realization lies in a very distant future measured by earth time. But in principle it certainly is possible.

Wherever the life force has not been violated, happiness—that is, complete harmony and peace—can be yours without the trepidation and fear of losing it.

The obstructions within your soul can exist only because you have violated divine law in some way. When divine law is violated, the life force stops working. Most human beings, when they hear this word, “Law” react to it emotionally in a way that has nothing to do with the sense in which it is meant here. Law means to you—often unconsciously—something you are forced or compelled to obey, an authority that is stronger than you. This kind of emotional association with the concept of law is completely opposed to its true meaning. Law in its real and divine sense has nothing to do with force or compulsion; quite the contrary.

As soon as force or compulsion set in—whether from outside or from within —at that moment divine law is violated. For divine law is inner freedom.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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