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Resurrection Magick - Defying All Odds - Part III ( The Pledge)

If you thought you might have been confused in the previous parts, wait till you hear this. Hold on, here we go. So what are resurrection spells? As the name suggests, these are spells that are used by people who want to come back from the dead. As you can imagine, a spell to raise the dead is an extremely powerful spell that can only be cast by someone who really knows what they are doing. If cast by someone who has no experience in this field, such a spell is likely to backfire.

So, what do we mean when we say that the person has been resurrected? Are we saying that the person will come back to life in the flesh? In actual fact, this is not what we are talking about. Here, we are referring to the spirit of the person. A real resurrection spell is a spell that will ensure that once a person has died in the flesh, their soul is not left to roam around aimlessly.

When you die, and you leave your soul to roam around aimlessly, you could become a problem to those you leave behind and we don’t want that now, do we? This is when you hear people talking about ghosts. Others start to think that they are cursed, but the truth is that all the bad luck happening in the lives of the people they love come about as a result of the fact that the spirit of a person who has died has not been properly resurrected.

So what is Resurrection incantation? Anyone who wants to perform a resurrection incarnation needs to understand that in the universe, there is only a particular amount of life available. This means that when a person dies, they are actually making way for another person to live. This amount of life available increases at a specific rate.

So what does this mean when you use a spell to bring someone back into your life? It means that the process of resurrection will be possible only if you are able to steal life from other living beings. I know that many people think that this refers to the life of another human being. In actual fact, this means anything that is alive.

Hence, you need to have mastered the ability to control the area where the life that you steal will come from. If you are not careful, this life could actually come from someone that you love.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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15 ene 2021

I can't wait for the next chapter of the Resurrection magic ,I mean the part IV

Me gusta

14 ene 2021

Your teachings always keep me awake in this path. Forever will I love to learn from you master Patrick

Me gusta
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