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Raw and Unadulterated Magick

Every day this world experiences great evil, not because of some demonic intervention but simply cause humans decide to commit evil. Immeasurable acts of kindness and love also take place, without angels ever being involved. An obvious fact, but one that is easily forgotten.

Things get even more interesting when you add magick into the mix. Every day, great acts of wisdom, dignity, honor, and kindness take place, through working with the power of demons. And every day, angels are called on to pour forth wrath. We, as workers of magick, have the choice to work with any spirits we want, for any result we want. The quality of the magick is down to us, not the entity in question.

To fear evil makes perfect sense, but the truth about angels and demons is that their magick is neutral. How we use those powers defines whether the end result is for the better good or for evil. You are not evil unless you do evil. You are not good unless you do good. Your actions define you, and the magick you use is neither good nor bad. It is power.

Some people who are drawn to ‘dark magick’ may be surprised by how much focus the demonic workplaces on knowledge, wisdom, and other such aspects of self-development. And to those who are drawn to lighter magick they may be dismayed by angels that commit acts of wrath. Trust your instinct, when you decide what magick to work with.

If you have decided that demons are not for you, stay away from demons. We believe in personal empowerment through supernatural means to uncover and obtain your true desires. Use whatever magick you desire. If these seemingly dark works don’t appeal, there are many other works that will.

The magick of demons can lead to a life of success, power, and extraordinary peace. Demons will demolish enemies, enrich bold ventures, satisfy material desires, and provide you with wisdom, charisma, healing, and persuasive dignity. The beauty of demonic magick is that spiritual growth arises from material pleasure. If these are works of darkness, they bring great light.

Magick can work instantly but doesn’t always and shouldn’t be expected to or you end up putting yourself under too much pressure and expectation. This can make it collapse under the subconscious doubt you pile on in that state of mind.

That magick works – there’s no doubt;. We’ve known it works for years, and now we’re seeing it work for others. But if you expect it to work overnight, you might be disappointed.

Anxiety stifles magick. It needs room to breathe. It’s often said that the more patient you are, the faster it happens. So let go of the results and allow them to manifest at their own pace. Be wary of attempting too much magick all at once as this can dilute your focus. It can be tempting to see this as a solution to all your problems. Any request for an urgent response is more often than not met with failure.

Whether you are new to magick or not, your abilities will build, your ability to accept and allow results will build, so let it progress slowly. When you learn to drive, on your first day, you just drive down the road – you don’t take a road trip around the whole country, do you? Thus is Magick.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski
Nov 12, 2020


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