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Performing Magick from A State of No Emotion ( Part III)

Are there real Dark Wizards who practice Black Magic? My answer would then be: Yes … but they are extremely rare, and unfortunately some of them have a very perverted conception of what is usually considered Wisdom. Practicing Black Magic can be very unwise + perilous: the probability of it tragically backfiring on the careless practitioner is very high.

You could become a “wizard” after many decades of studying + practicing some form of Magic — with elite teachers. A wizard is the occult equivalent of an 8th/9th-dan black-belt karateka in Korean Taekwondo — if the latter learned & trained in a serious traditional school. Some might say aim for something far less demanding.

Yes, no, and everything in between. I have practiced magic(k) for nearly 40 years. I have met people who have done some awful things with magick. I have done what may be construed as awful things with magick.

The fact is, I relate this to a biochemist. If I added reagent (a) to reagent (b) - then given the same set of circumstances, reaction (c) would take place. Many would argue that magick is not real… yet quantum particles obey the laws of magick and cause no end of consternation amongst those not predisposed toward quantum mechanics.

Magick has no color - it doesn’t help to be a dualist and jumping on the yin/yang bandwagon. Magick just is. There are no such things as good and evil. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Nothing but shades of Grey and relativism.

If you become a true magician, the very air about you will thicken with significance. Your life will become a ritual, your world becomes an altar. Your hand, speech, and the script become the wand and sword, the people around you become chalices, pentacles, mirrors, and candles. As you arrange your life and everything in it into order, so you bring more order to the life of a nation. This is how the greatest of all magicians work - with the most ordinary objects. For a great magician, cleaning up a cluttered basement is a magical act that can influence the whole family or life of a city.

But if you want to start, you must first control and purify your bodily and emotional nature. You must learn about moral, physical, and metaphysical principles. And often enough, you will suffer. Once you start doing good, all the bad from your past falls on you, it’s like cold turkey that comes when you stop taking drugs. This frequently happens to new aspirants on the path. Read some books on magick. This will lead you to other books on magick. Start doing what they suggest.

They say magick finds the people it wants. They say, if a person is meant for magick, then all the doors will open for you. If you're not meant for magick then you won't understand it at all, and it will seem like you're trying to speak another language, it won't work, no matter what you do.

Magick picks you. You don't pick magick.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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