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Performing Magick from A State of No Emotion (PART II)

Black Magic is tricky. Many would argue magic is about perspective, how one’s morals define an invocation, but there definitely are malevolent aspects of arcane arts if mishandled.

Magic in and of itself is, usually, incredibly neutral, the practitioner’s will is what defines what the outcome and ethics will be; many magic art practitioners label magic that is cast with the purpose to curse or desire harm, for power, as Black Magic.

Wizard is not a title that is used very often, and wizardry is different in worldview than other types of thaumaturgy, like witchcraft, as it is, at its heart, concerned with knowledge, and spiritual growth, rather than religious practice; wizardry is secular but spiritual, allowing the practitioner to hold practically any set of religious beliefs.

To be a wizard is to be someone who is in awe of this universe, and potential multiverse according to some quantum physicists, to see beautiful patterns in nature as more than a mere coincidence, an order behind the seeming chaos, like the Golden Ratio and fractals for example; look into Quantum Physics as well, regarding synchronicity. The magic wizard's practice tends to be formal, based on sigils, wards, evocations, energy manipulation, and divination, at times the magic performed does take into account mathematics.

Unlike some other magical sects, like Wicca or Druidry, wizardry generally is a solitary path, very few wizards congregate together, usually due to few being interested in the challenge such a path brings.

Can you be a wizard? Sure. There are so many places to begin but it will take time to understand and no one is a master, no source is foolproof.

Chaos Magic provides a great foundation of sigils and what it means to set a psychological goal and execute it into reality; remember, just because a practitioner does one thing, like burn a sigil after focusing, doesn’t mean you need to do the same, dare to be different. Alchemy as practiced by the Graeco-Egyptians is another awesome philosophical place to begin; although not an original text, the Three Initiates is fascinating. Learn about what animates you, the Chinese call it Qi, energy work begins with this knowledge.

And lastly, keep your mind sharp, study, and question, being a wizard is far more than magic, it is creative and intellectual growth.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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