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Performing Magick from A State of No Emotion ( Part 1)

As we know most schools of magick have always advocated the use of emotion to drive home that intended magick to its target. I am here to teach you how to break from the norm and to become great magickians by having the courage to be different.

I know many of you have asked me time and again to reveal more, to show you more, to write more, please bear in mind, it is not from a lack of want but an understanding of what could happen if I revealed more. Do not forget that all that was magickal was once thought behind closed doors, in secret and it very much still is.

You don’t need emotion to do magick. All you need is the ability to raise and manipulate energy and the ability to visualize, or at least bring into awareness, your goal.

Candle magick requires no emotion, only visualization, and intention. Chaos-style sigil magick requires no emotion, only a brief trance state to fire the sigil off. Mantra chanting requires no emotion, the words that are chanted raise and direct that energy to its goal.

The arena of magick is wide so there is plenty you can do regardless of your emotional state. Your mind follows your attention. Wherever you direct your attention, there will your thoughts go too. By directing attention to a specific place or purpose you focus mental energy upon it.

For example, you’re having lunch in a cafeteria crowded with people. It is a large place, and everyone there is talking at once so that the room is a constant jumble of noise. You happen to notice a man across the room; he reminds you of someone. All at once, he drops his fork and you hear it hit the table. But would you have noticed the sound of his fork if you had not been looking? No. Only by focusing your attention, there were you able to pick out that individual event and associated sound.

Your emotions follow your thoughts quite easily. Your emotions are not YOU but are rather reactions prompted by your model and ego — like a performance or an act, while the real you watches. In a similar way, directing your attention toward a specific emotion will cause you to experience that emotion.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
23 mar 2021

Excellent for beginners. It always starts with the mind, with a thought, with intention. Those who are eager to learn must find their own paths , methods.

Mi piace
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