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Out of the Ashes, I Shall Rise

“I'm sacrificing my sanity, leaving behind my humanity. The sweet, innocent person I once was has now perished; they wouldn't survive in this world. My demons are getting stronger, and so must I.

Strength isn't just a trait I have for show; it is necessary for my survival. The demons I'm fighting aren't physical beings-they are unseen and their faces unknown.

They dwell in my mind, they want to control, they seek to destroy me and they desperately desire my soul, until my last breath I will fight, I will find the light at the end of this dark night.

I will proceed to place myself in invincible armor and envelope my soul in the purest light. I will conquer my demons and wear them like wings. I will abolish the heavy chains at my feet. I will fly again. Out of the ashes, I shall rise.”

Man is free to evade reality, he is free to defocus his mind and stumble blindly on any path he wants, but he is not free to avoid the abyss he refuses to see. The first great virtue of man was doubt and the first great defect faith.

Man is the creator of his own heaven and his own hell. There are no worse demons than the whispers of one’s own ego.

You can't walk the path before the path becomes yourself. The eagle flies alone; the crow in flocks. The fool has need of company and the wise, of solitude.

Those who claim to possess the deep magical science: take away your recklessness! To do so, you need to place your spirit far above your sphere, make yourselves firm and unwavering and be very attentive and observant to exactly what is conveyed to you.

It is not the gods who decide if man exists; it is man who decides if the gods exist! Remember that man remains in the corner of darkness for fear that the light of truth will shine and allow him to actually see!

“The most widely-minded men know that there is no clear distinction between the real and the unreal; that all things seem to be what they seem to be only by virtue of the delicate mental capabilities of each individual, by whom we come to know them; But the mundane materialism of the majority condemns as madness the flashes of clairvoyance that transcend the common veil of clear empiricism

"Lucifer has regained his citizenship rights in the republic of culture. After the two wars, after the saturnalia of hatred and ferocity (...), it is noted that it is not only as a poetic creation but also as one of the main protagonists in history.

If the flesh has been made because of the spirit, it's a wonder. If the spirit has been made because of the body, then it is a wonder of wonders. But I wonder about this: how will this great wealth be settled in this immense poverty?

Are you honest? Nice? Is that what your trust is based on? Does everyone want you? Can you imagine that your pain will be less intense because you loved kindness or truth?

The feeling of dying is only comparable to a night on the high seas, but all dark, without stars...

Who knows the end? What has emerged might yet sink and what has collapsed might still re-emerge."

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Real Talk Bro. I love this lesson 1🔥👊


Rachel Mercieca
Rachel Mercieca
27 Tem 2020

Amazing 👌🙏

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