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One Dead among the Living- In Limbo - (Part IV)

Perhaps I should rename this part the Limbo Lounge. The question is why am I here? In Limbo—not asleep, not fully awake?

So here is the thing, the second one is more of a Lifestyle Limbo, seen in two parts. The first is your discomfort with how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. The second is how to engage in authentic action.

The first one is superficial, in that you have some internal structures or lack of structure to deal with. The second one is really important, and when you get some traction on it, you’ll really see a difference in your life.

If you awaken to find there is no “I”, this will not solve your lifestyle limbo. Yes, you will no longer be overburdened by a need to see yourself or have others see you in a certain way, but losing the “I” can bring on an intense passivity, the likes of which you cannot even start to imagine in your current state. Losing the “I” can trigger a rather protracted period of disorientation. If you feel that no one gets you now, you cannot even fathom the singular, solitary state you will awaken to vis a vis people when you are enlightened.

Since no one has produced a credible method for waking up (to my knowledge), awakening is something to explore and investigate, but not a viable solution to any problem under the sun. I repeat, it is not a solution!

To be clear, when we talk about engaging in authentic action, we are speaking of that from your current state of existence. When you awaken, you will not necessarily regard this as authentic action. At that point, you will need to re-calibrate everything, or it will be re-calibrated for you.

You can only work from where you are at, ever. So, while investigating the awakened state, which you may find an interesting thing to do, realize that you can’t work from there and that a lot of it just doesn’t apply to you where you are. You are not awake, and you are still working within the “I” paradigm, as much as you suspect this is not real.

You may find Limbo Land a little more complex to navigate than just fully accepting where you are. Letting go of attachments is so much easier said than done!

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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