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On Lucifer (Part I)

Lucifer is in fact the great initiator of path-working. Lucifer is both an internal and external force of initiation and revelation. There are MANY practitioners that claim to follow the Luciferian path, however, they lose the plot somewhere along the line. I think they confuse Lucifer with Satan and then the sh*t hits the fan and becomes just another practitioner looking to find their own identity in the mass fold of the Occult shroud.

There are countless debates concerning Lucifer. Origins, nature…even gender. What I write here are my own personal findings based on experience in working/being with this Divine Light. It most likely will clash against what you, as a practitioner, believe – however, think what you will.

Lucifer isn’t what you would expect Him to be. (I will refer to Lucifer as “He” and “Him” just not to confuse issues further.) Many think Him to be the same as Satan, but that is entirely false. If Satan is purely “dark” – Lucifer embodies both “dark” and “light”…not just one or the other. Lucifer is a Being that embodies perfect balance. Masculine and feminine, “dark” and “light, Yin, and Yang… and the list goes on.

Lucifer is a great teacher, guide, guardian, destroyer, healer…everything in one, basically. Regarded as “the Lord of Air”, He is the Mater of Illumination of the Godself. He also rules over intuition and all hidden aspects of the Self. Lucifer does not reside in the Light, for He is the Lamp that shines the brightest in the Dark Outer Reaches. He is more prominent when the night is at the darkest, just before dawn.

During the day, He is the path on which we travel to Self-Enlightenment…guiding every step, making sure we do not stray. Lucifer is there to help the Sorcerer to shed the manifold cobwebs imprinted on the mind and life which slows the progress of true potential. He brings forth all Kings who cannot be conversed with.

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

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Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
01 ago 2022
in the kingdom created by Sophia in Jaldabaoth, obscure ,,,, it seems normal to me that there is a being, Lucifer, who is not so well, but all just like GOD and that if he had faced him, he did not face the creator, who also it's not just love but everything, so what? where is the wickedness of lucifer?
Me gusta
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