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On Becoming - LUCIFER - I - AN

I was raised in a typical Christian household… As a child and throughout my younger years, the usual happened. In short, people ganged up against me merely because I was different from them – in my reasoning, mindset, and everything. The more I tried to fit in with them, the worse it all became. Teased, ridiculed, and even physically attacked. You name it.

I always had an interest in the Occult, in spite of the religious beliefs shoved down my throat. So I started showing myself. After I did that, however, things definitely didn’t ease up. All of a sudden I wasn’t just “useless” anymore – now I was “the devil incarnate”.

My practices in the Occult Arts were strength-ed exponentially through my mentors– my teachers. The Arts always take care of its children.

I have walked the blackest paths in the Occult, I submerged myself into the most insidious practices known to man, and even then, I did not falter or look back -not once- instead, I plunged in deeper, head-first. There was no fear in me to do that – I was already dead.

Necromancy and Evocation have always been a part of my school of initiation, so we made “good bedfellows”.

As my path allowed me, I delved into many Schools of Middle Eastern, Asian, and Western Magick, used what did work for me, and discarded what didn’t. A sort of Chaos Magic train of thought-even though I never had heard of Chaos Magick up to this point! “What doesn’t kill you, makes you…stranger”

I am proficient in many forms of divination. I work very closely with the Dead, and even more so with Entities. I presume that you cannot exactly place me in a specific “school” of the Arts, as I do not follow any set path or dogma. I use what works for me, and discard the rest. Plain and simple – this method has never let me down.

So, my message to you, dear reader, is this: The Occult Arts saves. It will never abandon you in your time of need, no matter what – there is always Something watching. No matter how hard things get – NEVER GIVE UP. Never betray yourself just to fit in…don’t listen to people – listen to yourself. If you strive for true love – you will find it when you least expect it…just be patient.

This next paragraph still symbolizes to date the return to my home country, some twenty years later... 2015 to be precise - labeled the Devil himself.. the Antichrist… people crossing themselves as I walked into a cafe … and then this …

“Not so long ago, having returned to my predominantly Catholic country, I was walking through this park engulfed in peace and nothingness, when a passerby asked me "Why do you look so happy?"...I hadn’t noticed at first that I was smirking away, and then I realized my face was radiantly smiling. I said to him "I have been walking through this park since I was a child, I have only just finally killed God, and I can now see how beautiful everything around me actually is." He looked shocked, taken aback, gave me the evil eye, and said “You’ll be in hell boy" Still smiling I replied, "This is hell, and it is beautiful, heaven is for those who are not pleased with what they have." I bade him farewell and walked on…”

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

34th Generation High Priest - Church of Lucifer


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