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Offended you are, care I do not!

So what is Magick? In my opinion, the following by Christian Bernard constitute some fundamentals…

“The manipulation of ‘subtle energies’ such as those that make up the human aura and the transference of such energy. (Energy healing, sending an intent to another person)

The manipulation of probability to make certain future events more or less likely to happen. This also includes divining the future in order to determine the current state of future probabilities. (This broadly covers all magick where the goal is a future outcome)

Discourse with higher dimensional ‘entities’ that have bodies also composed of subtle energy and which interact with humans in order to draw sustenance from their energy in return for usually spurious information. (This covers all interactions with the ‘spirit world’. I personally think that this is the most dangerous part of Magick generally speaking.)”

All the information that we have about Magick per se precedes us by many many years, there is no new magick, magick is, was, and will always remain. We create variations of certain types of magick, if you will, we personalize them, and by doing so they can only be validated if they actually work!

Also, all the information is not new, its taught, researched, understood, and at times modified especially if the content is either not verbally correct or indeed it’s practice in its original format flawed.

We have many people out there who profess to have certain knowledge… but I ask…is it their knowledge or is it acquired knowledge? Something tells me it’s acquired knowledge. So then …all knowledge being acquired, what is the problem? Let me tell you where the problem lies… it’s when the so-called author of such acquired knowledge is trying to sell such obtained knowledge under the disguise of new or self-created knowledge.

Anyone who tries to charge you a fee for knowledge, stay away from them, that is my advice, Any society that tells you that their knowledge is secretive and therefore non-share-able, but you can become a member for a set fee, at which point such knowledge is readily available to you - steer clear of these too.

I have shared knowledge on many platforms, it’s all acquired knowledge because firstly my mentors taught me everything I know, I also read and learn from others, sometimes having to take pieces of work and re-formulate them into an actual working format, but I would never be that rude to tell the author that. Also, any work, once adapted and altered does not remain the sole property of the original author.

The only variations to the magick I have learned have been my own reformulating of such, to experiment with different results, more often than not at my own risk. Take, for example, resurrection magick, the fundamentals are the same everywhere you look, you can create variables and those variables only become valid if your variations produce desired results.

If you look at any Occult institution I am part of or run, there are only donations attributed, no set fees. Donations start from as little as one euro and even then are non-obligatory. I have always encouraged other occultists to participate in this modus operandi. Let the customer decide what you are worth, if at all anything.

To summarize, I have had numerous pieces of my own work, copied, adapted, etc. It never bothered me… why should it… if I wanted to make money from it, I would not have published it on any platform and wrote a book instead (as many others do).

So live and let live is my motto, I will continue to write, post and share work indiscriminately, as long as it continues to be appreciated and serves a higher purpose. Those of you who wish to feel offended, had better firstly if they belong (not by imagination) to any magikal organization (s) start by sharing their knowledge with all of us, secondly, if their grievance is based on monetary gain, they can jump off this gravy train and look elsewhere.

Put your magick where your mouth is!!

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
May 04, 2022
they are always asking for money, excluding me if I say a single word and especially if I have no money for their cheating and false certificates of Masonic degrees. they persecute me because I work hard and I can reach the Light by myself or almost. my Sophia will join them ....

Rachel Mercieca
Rachel Mercieca
Jun 23, 2020

Whilst praise is required for all your rightings appreciate is greatly due 🙏

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